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Grammar Schools in London

A List of Best Grammar Schools in London

There are 163 Grammar Schools in England, out of which 19 are in London. The main difference between Grammar School and secondary school is the selection process of students. Usually, Grammar schools pick students based on their academic ability and have tough selection criteria. The good thing about such selective schools is that they are fully funded, and you will not have to spend even a pound studying in them.

Let’s take a brief look at the top grammar schools for your child 11 Plus Exam in London.

Best Grammar Schools in Barnet

1. Henrietta Barnett School

Henrietta Barnett School is an excellent non-denominational Grammar School, particularly for girls aged between 11 to 18. It is situated in Hampstead Garden Suburb and was founded in 1911. However, it acquired the status of Academy in 2012.

As Barnet’s best grammar school, it was deemed exceptional in all areas by the most recent  OFSTED report. They provide rich programmes for the broader development of students.

2. Queen Elizabeth Grammar School

Founded in 1573, with 449 years of experience in the academic field. Queen Elizabeth Grammar School is situated in Queen’s Road, Barnet Hertfordshire, their mission is to provide a competitive environment where our boys reach maximum performance in their educational and extracurricular pursuits. Their first-class facilities make it a unique state school. It is one of the best grammar schools in England for boys.

Queen Elizabeth OFSTED report states the school is regarded as the top state school for Russell Group Universities admission, which are world-class institutions with 24 universities.

3. St. Michael’s Catholic School

St. Michael’s Catholics School was established in 1908. It is a Catholic and Voluntary Aided grammar school located at Nether St, London. It strives to promote academic excellence, social commitment, and personal development in a Catholic environment. St. Michaels is a secondary Grammar School for girls, The school started enrolling boys in September 2009 in the sixth form.

St. Michael’s Catholic School has outstanding status in the OFSTED report, which appreciates their extracurricular activities, especially in Arts and volunteering.

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Best Grammar Schools in Bexley

1- Beth’s Grammar School Bexley

Beths Grammar Schools admit boys from ages 11  to 16. It is one of the best grammar schools in Bexley and has been a high-performing school since 2005. DfES Technology College specialist status was awarded to the school in 1995, it acquired the status of  a grammar school in 1976. Admission is open to students starting at 11 years old, and girls can join the sixth form in Year 12.

Beths Grammar School was rated ‘Outstanding’ in the OFSTED inspection. Beth’s Grammar School pays special attention to extra-curricular activities. They pay focus on character development.

2- Bexley Grammar School 

The founder of Bexley Grammar school was Sir Edward Heath and the school was established in 1955. It is a co educational school, with both boys and girls from ages 11 to 18. It is a prestigious school located in Welling, London. They have strict requirements for admission, and students have to meet all of them.

The last Inspection of OFSTED rated Bexley Grammar School as outstanding. The school performed well in teaching, leadership and student development.

3- Townley Grammar School

Townley Grammar School, situated in Bexleyheath, is an academy for Girls. It is also known by the name  Bexley Technical High School for Girls, it is a co-educational sixth-form school in Bexley for students from Year 7 to 11. In September 2004, the school received the special status for visual and performing arts. The school became an academy in 2012, but it continues to perform well in visual arts and in Maths and science.

OFSTED report ranks this grammar school as ‘Outstanding’. Townley Grammar School has outstanding teaching quality, a great 19-16 study programme, and ambitious and relentless management.

4- Chislehurst and Sidcup School

Chislehurst and Sidcup Grammar School opened in 1931, to address the shortage of secondary schools in the newly developed area of Sidcup,  It has academy status and enrols both boys and girls. This school has a strength of 1,430 pupils. It enrols 11-18 year old students. It is also known in the community as ‘Chis and Sid’, The learning environment that CSGS provides fosters intellectual, emotional, and physical growth for its students. It is one of the best grammar schools in Bexley.

The OFSTED report states Chislehurst and Sidcup School’s performance as ‘Good’. Students make excellent progress and the quality of teaching makes it a good school.

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Best Grammar Schools in Bromley

1- Newstead Wood School

It is a prestigious and highly selective girls’ school Located in Orpington. Newstead Wood School is among the best Grammar Schools in England, founded in 1957, by Kent Education Committee, it become part of Bromley in 1965. The Newstead Wood School has a stellar record for providing high-quality education and achieving excellent A-level results.

It is considered one of the oversubscribed schools in Bromley. Newstead Wood School is deemed as ‘Outstanding’ in the latest OFSTED report.

2- St Olave’s & St Saviour’s Grammar School

Andrew Rees is the head of St Olave’s & St Saviour’s Grammar School. Founded in 1571, this school. It is a highly competitive boys’ secondary school in Orpington. It is one of the most successful Grammar schools among the voluntary-aided schools. Locals also know it by the name of STOGS. According to Financial Times, St. Olave’s is the country’s top state school for A-levels.

St Olave’s and St Saviour’s Grammar School were ranked as ‘Outstanding’ and their performance in all academic sections was high, according to the OFSTED report.

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Best Grammar School in Enfield

1- The Latymer School

Latymer School has a rich educational history. It began its operation in 1624. It has been the centre of education for students residing in North London. Admissions to this school are based on the results in the 11 Plus exam, with 20 slots reserved annually for pupils with outstanding musical talent and abilities.

The Latymer School was ranked ‘Good’ in OFSTED inspection, while in some sections it

performed ‘Outstanding’ including personal development and sixth form provision.

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Best Grammar Schools In Kingston Upon Thames

1- Tiffin Girls’ School

Tiffin Girls School was founded in 1880 and is a popular school in London.. The school has grown quite a bit both educationally and in terms of faculty. There are roughly 1,200 students between the ages of 11 to 18, among them 300 in the sixth form. The school has an advanced laboratory and has undergone a lot of improvements during the last five years.

OFSTED rates Tiffin Girls’ School as ‘Outstanding’ in all metrics. Including teaching quality and assessment along with personal development.

2- Tiffin School

Tiffin School in Kingston opened in 1880 and has had a long history of excellence in education. A total of 80 girls will enrol in the Sixth Form as of September 2019. At Tiffin, grades 7 to 11 are for boys. In 2011, the school transitioned to academy status and enrolled 180 students yearly.

Tiffon school is renowned for its focus on arts and entertainment and has an Arts college status. Their students get music scholarships in prestigious universities in the country.

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Best Grammar Schools in Redbridge

1- Ilford County High School

Ilford High School is situated in Redbridge Borough. It is a secondary Grammar School for boys, established in 1901. Ilford County High School works on developing students’ skills and provides high-quality teaching.  ICHS is a Sixth Form entry school, with up to 30 students.

The school’s overall effectiveness was rated ‘Good’. However, it was ‘Outstanding’

in the previous inspection of OFSTED.

2- Woodford County High School

Woodford County High School (WCHS) is a highly selective secondary school for all Girls. The school opened in 1919. Local authorities conduct the 11 Plus exam for this school. It admits 180 Year 7 students who perform outstandingly in 11 Plus exams.

The school is deemed as ‘Outstanding’ in all sections of academics by OFSTED,  It was ranked as such because of the excellent all-round education that it provides.

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Best Grammar School in Sutton

1- Nonsuch High School For Girls

Nonsuch High School for Girls was established in 1938. As part of the Epsom and Ewell borough, the school has an area of 22 acres. According to Department for Education figures, Nonsuch was listed as the 9th best performing school by  GCSE results and ranked in the top 20 for pupil progress that they made in GCSE exams. The school has won many awards.

According to the latest OFSTED inspection, the school has performed ‘Good’ in all sections including quality of education, behaviour development, personal growth, leadership and Sixth Form provision.

2- Wilson’s School

Wilson’s School Sutton was opened in 1615. It is a state-funded school that has academy status. Wilson’s school is located in Wallington. A visit from Prince Edward took place in 2015 to commemorate the school’s 400th anniversary.

Wilson’s is known for strict racism, homophobia policies and its wealth of facilities that assist its commitment to diversity

3- Wallington High School For Girls

Wallington High School For Girls started its operation in 1888 by a group of nuns. It specialises in STEM subjects. Sixth Form girls can attend the school for boys. There are more than 200 positions available in the school for students, and around 2000 plus girls apply for admission each year.

Wallington High School continues to be a ‘Good school’ as per the OFSTED inspection report. They provide the teaching by keeping long-term learning goals in mind.

4- Wallington County Grammar School

Wallington County Grammar Schoo (WCGS)l, founded in 1927 with 71 students, is a selective boy’s state school. Wallington High School for Boys was the name of the school from 1968 to 1990.
It was termed ‘Outstanding’ in the OFSTED  report in 2017. It performed well in teaching quality, along  with outcomes for students.

5- Sutton Grammar School

The Sutton Grammar School began in 1899 as a boys’ school aged between 11 to 18 with a mixed Sixth Form.It is a competitive school with Victorian origins. It is a great school that prepares students for further education.

Sutton Grammar School was ranked Outstanding in a recent OFSTED report. The school has a great reputation of being a good Grammar school in the locality, with great overall teaching quality.

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Grammar Schools in London, offer diversity and a great learning atmosphere for students, without any fees. Some schools charge boarding charges, however, tuition is free. This blog tried to cover some of the top Grammar Schools in a different neighbourhood of London.  Now you have the list of best schools to enrol your child.

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