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11 Plus Exams

Homeschool Your Child Through Their 11 Plus: A Guide To 11 Plus Exam Papers Preparation

It is quite a big and challenging task to prepare the child for their 11 plus exams. You have to ensure that your child is fully equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to ace their final 11 plus exam papers. It is one of the toughest entrance exams for the students at the school level. Secondary schools take these exams and assess their knowledge and skills to give admission in year 7 of secondary education. It is  taken by almost every school in England. The 11 plus exam papers in Buckinghamshire are crucial as parents eagerly want their children to secure a place in their preferred grammar school. 

Most parents prefer homeschooling at this level; they start helping their children from year 3 through year 6. There are many advantages to choosing home learning for the child. They get dedicated regular one-to-one sessions, focusing only on their requirements. They are not bound to school hours and the teacher’s work scheme. You can help them at home, and the child can go above and beyond if they’re capable and enthusiastic. Together both, the child and the parents can have the best possible chance of acing the final exams. Although parents are unable to provide homeschooling themselves, properly, due to their ongoing work and other important situations.In such a case, parents try to look for the best alternative to fulfil their child’s study requirements. 

The parents do not need to worry any longer because, as always, Adnan Khan Tutoring has got your back. If your child is preparing for the 11 plus exam, then you have come to the right place. 

With homeschooling, you can also use the online 11 plus exams resources, including online 11 plus practise and test papers provided by many online platforms dedicated for 11 plus exams in the UK. 

What Exam Structure Does 11 Plus Exam Follow?

The 11 Plus exam across England follows the same structure as other grammar schools in the UK. The 11 plus exam syllabus consists of:

  • 11 Plus Verbal Reasoning paper
  • 11 Plus Non-Verbal Reasoning paper
  • 11 Plus Maths paper (with some multiple-choice questions)
  • 11 Plus English paper (with some multiple-choice questions)

Sometimes, extra effort is required to make a real difference. This blog will guide you on how to prepare your child for their 11 plus exams. 

Find Out Which Exam Board Does Your Preferred School Follow!

 Two 11 Plus exam boards administer the test ; the Centre for Evaluation and Monitoring (CEM) and Granada Learning (GL).  Parents need to know the material and structure before starting home tutoring the child. Some differences in the material may affect the child’s preparation. 


Start Preparing Early For 11 Plus Exams!

Children have to be well prepared if they’re to ace their 11 plus exams. They need to have a regular study plan in advance. A suitable study schedule will give the child plenty of time to practise and know their strengths and weaknesses before they appear in the exams. 

It is important not to burden the child with an extra study load at once. Carry out a perfect plan when you start preparing the child, and for that, you have to start early. It is preferred to divide the plan into smaller chunks. You don’t need to let them feel weary and frustrated. A child can focus for half an hour before he/she becomes tired. A structured plan will help the child to do well in their final 11 plus exams. The use of online 11 plus practice papers can also work for you. Many sites offer their online 11 plus practice tests, covering the complete 11 plus exam format.

Cover The Complete Format Of The 11 Plus Exam

All the board administers follow the same subjects, including English, Maths, Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning. Your study plan or schedule should cover all the lessons and topics of these subjects. 

In the 11 plus English exam paper, the children are tested with spellings, punctuation, sentence structure, comprehension, grammar and vocabulary. Carry out a plan to make the child practise more of these topics and develop a good understanding of them.

In the 11+ non-verbal reasoning paper, your child will be tested with shapes and spatial reasoning. Help them understand mirror images. Working on addition and subtraction using different objects and Maths learning games are the best ways to help the child prepare such questions. 

In the verbal reasoning part of the 11+ exam, there are many different questions that your child could be given to solve. Mainly, focusing on developing vocabulary and practising online 11+ practice papers can improve their verbal reasoning skills.

For the 11 plus Maths exam paper, the child should have a strong foundation of numeracy, Maths concepts and all the material covered in the KS 2 Maths curriculum.

Help The Child Practise Both Question Formats

Two question formats have been followed by 11 plus exams papers, including multiple-choice and standard. The standard format expects a written answer, whereas multiple-choice questions involve selecting the right answer among other options. You have to help your child get to know both formats beforehand. 

Hire A Private 11 Plus Tutor For Your Child

It is the option that most of the parents prefer when the exams get closer. A qualified and experienced 11 plus tutor knows how to prepare the child, covering the complete syllabus and formats. They use a variety of 11 plus practise papers and tests based on the core topics of 11 plus exam papers. Online tutors are also available who take regular live classes and help students prepare for 11+ exams. 

11 Plus mock exam papers are also the best way to get the child to experience the final exams before they appear. 

Adnan Khan Tutoring has so much to offer in 11 plus exam preparation. Our online 11 plus tuition covers the complete syllabus. We have separate online tests on 11 plus English, Maths, Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning. You can take a free trial of two weeks without any signup obligation. If you need more information, contact us at the following number.

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