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How Can I Retake MY GCSE English Exam

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What are GCSE English Retakes?

Retake, or re-sit of GCSE English exam is an opportunity for GCSE students to enhance and improve their grades in English subject.

GCSE English retakes become an option in two cases, i.e. if the student has not been able to score at least grade 4 which is equivalent to C grade as per old system.

GCSE English retake also becomes an option when a student thinks or feels that the grade he/ she have achieved is not what he/she expected. 

GCSE English retakes is, therefore, has become a big decision for students and parents because as per government legislation students have to take English subject further if they fail to achieve a minimum of grade 4 or C.

This decision of GCSE English retake is important because when getting admission into A’ level courses or applying for jobs, the grade obtained in English will matter a lot. 

Therefore, GCSE English retake is an opportunity for students to improve and enhance their academic profile.

What you will need to study 

The same course which was studied earlier while giving GCSE English exam will have to be studied but differently.

What you will need to study will depend majorly on what are your weaker areas or where you are finding difficulty.

With a major focus on weaker areas and minor focus on all other topic is the desired way of studying while preparing for GCSE English retake.

Some key and difficult areas for GCSE English students normally are fluent writing using evidence, punctuation, grammar, spelling, deduction, and inference. 

However, focusing on reading, oral communication and writing are all important to be studied.

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When Can You Retake the GCSE English Exam?

Recently, official changes have been made regarding the undertaking of GCSE English retake exams schedules.

Maths and English have been put into a similar category regarding their retake schedules.

GCSE English retake will now hold in November every year along with Maths retake.

Where Can You Retake the GCSE English Exam?

Enrolling as a private student is a good option while pursuing GCSE English retake in which you only have to search a school or college where you can be accepted as a private student.

However, if you are going through an unpaid work experience, part-time job or apprenticeship then you can avail different options. 

If your school is offering evening classes, then you can find that feasible for you or else distance learning becomes a viable option. This is referred as night school.

In distance learning method you take your English course online and study material can be received through the post. 

However, you must register to your nearest approved college where you will have to physically give the retake English exam.

In the context of attendance, GCSE English retakes are flexible with no strictness regarding attendance irrespective of the option selected. 

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Best Ways to Prepare for Your GCSE English Retake from Home

One useful way of preparing for your GCSE English retake from home is the appointment of a private tutor who visits your place.

Even though in this method personalised tutoring is possible and face-to-face interaction adds value to the preparation, i.e. a set schedule has to be followed in this way. 

However, it is an expensive option and time flexibility is also hard to achieve in this method. 

A relatively less expensive home-based option for preparing GCSE English is the online tutoring which also provides flexibility of time. 

The interaction between the student and tutor happens online as and when required which means students can gain benefits from this method. 

Students can incur much time in preparing for English retake with this option because online tutor is available at their preferred time or schedule.

Therefore, with this online tutoring option students can pay enhanced mental focus and attention to their preparation for GCSE English retake, which can be a lengthy, and time taking process. 

Studying at home by relying on your own commitment level and dedication towards retake preparation is another option available, but with this method, students cannot improve their skills and exam technique. 

Professional help is not available in self- study option due to which it is not recommended especially for GCSE English retakes. 

How we can help you prepare for GCSE English retake through Tutoring

Going for a GCSE retake exam is not easy as it tests the temperament and patience level of students. Especially when it comes to GCSE English retake, it can be disturbing for students because their confidence level is already damaged. 

Therefore, professional help becomes essential for students going through this process, i.e. such help in which expert subject knowledge; skills are included along with emotional help, empathy and mentoring. 

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We Can help you by Providing the Required Psychological and Expert Subject Related Support

We understand that students pursuing GCSE English retake can get stuck into a cycle of exams where they are mentally captured with the stress of retakes. 

Also, students and parents also feel the financial burden when the student is pursuing GCSE English retake.

We also assist in this regard by affordably providing professional tutoring services. 

Our tutoring services allow the student to avail cost-effective and affordable learning. 

Advantages of GCSE English Retakes through our Specialist Online Tutors

Multiple benefits can be availed by hiring any of our specialist online tutors.

Our online tutors and GCSE English tuition facilitate students with much-needed confidence and self- belief regarding undertaking GCSE English retake. 

Our specialist tutors structure the course in line with the needs of the student and they also optimize the revision time of the student. 

Our online tutors share their experience with students and encourage them towards adopting a certain style or approach towards learning.

Our online tutors are well aware of the exam techniques, and the pattern of GCSE English retakes due to which they can guide students in an effective manner.

Specialist English subject related background, qualification and experience of our online tutors enable them to improve the skills, understanding and learning of subject-related areas.

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What are the Benefits of Retaking My Exams?

You can avail numerous benefits by undertaking GCSE exam retakes, i.e. both regarding your future employment and higher education admissions.

For example, going for an admission in a reputed institution such as the University of Leeds will require you to possess at least a B grade in your maths and English language. Therefore, retaking exams allows you to secure a B grade at least. 

Retaking your exams provide you with the benefit of improving your subject grades which ultimately makes your profile attractive and strong.

When going to employment, your resume will stand out if you have good grades in GCSE Courses and exam retakes provide you with the opportunity of doing so. It is a second chance, which is not offered at many levels and stages of professional or academic life. 

Moreover, by retaking exams at GCSE level, you also open up more opportunities both regarding employment and higher studies, i.e. by improving your grades.


Retaking GCSE English exam can be a decisive aspect in the life of students because grades in English directly effects on the chances of further quality education and employment. 

Professional support is desirable and essential for students undertaking GCSE English retake, and online tutoring is the best option available for them.

Students can gain emotional, psychological and subject related expert support with the help of our online tutors making the retake a meaningful process.

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