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How to Prepare Your Child for the First Day at Secondary School?

For parents, preparing the child for secondary school is arduous. The new learning journey comes with additional challenges. However, parents need some serious tips for secondary school preparation. Entering secondary school is a significant landmark in the child’s academic career. They encounter more considerable challenges when starting secondary school. However, the Year 6 transition to secondary school is overwhelming for children, and parents must ensure they are well prepared and equipped to begin their secondary education.

Adnan Khan Tutoring solves your problems and prepares you with practical tips for starting Year 7. Our expert tutors help children and parents deal with such challenges. Moreover, we help our students and provide the ultimate guide to parents on how to prepare for secondary school exams.

A child has to be well prepared for such a significant change in academics. However, parents are the key player to prepare the child for the first day of secondary school. Parents need guidance from experts, and this blog will help them learn a few crucial tips for secondary school preparation.

What is secondary school?

The schools that cover Years 7 to 11 are secondary schools. Usually, the secondary school students are aged 11 to 16. How many years in secondary school? A child gets five years of education in this school, ending with GCSE exams.

5 Tips For Secondary School Preparation!

It does not even matter how old the child is when you start secondary school, a year earlier or a year later. However, what really matters is that the child is fully prepared to deal with early secondary school challenges.

When your child starts secondary school, keep the following things in mind to make the process effortless.

1. Stay Courteous About Their Sentiments

Listening to your child’s concerns and fears is extremely important. Children, when starting their secondary education, have valid worries. However, being a parent, you must help them deal with such small fears, anxiety and journey of transition from primary to secondary school. They will make new friends and go to the new school. Moreover, the fear of getting bullied can develop anxiety in your child. So, you have to assure them that these all fears or feelings are just temporary and everything will be fun and normal. Reassurance is the key here.

Parents must sit with the children and ask about their fears, if any. They need to motivate the children to develop an energetic and positive attitude when they start their first day at secondary school.

At Adnan Khan Tutoring, we provide the best secondary school preparation. Our professional teachers develop a healthy relationship with the child and talk through challenges ahead of secondary school transition.

2. Dealing With Your Feelings

Starting secondary school is not just a challenge for children but for parents as well. However, they must be able to deal with their thoughts. We know it can be difficult to adopt the changes that occur in the child as they grow into an independent person. Parents feel overwhelmed when they think they will not be in contact with the school as they used to. Moreover, the child will make new friends and learn from teachers that parents won’t know much about. So, parents ultimately feel isolated. However, teachers suggest that parents keep in touch through open school days and attend events.

Also, parents must develop and adjust relationships with the child accordingly. Even if the child is growing as an independent person; you still have a key role to play in their lives and academia.

Adnan Khan Tutoring provides parents with regular guidance and is always ready to solve their problems. Principal Adnan Khan regularly conducts sessions on secondary school preparation for parents.

3. Be Prepared Before the First Day

Parents should consider many practical things before a child starts secondary school. So, you need to ensure that everything is ready before the first day comes. Buy a school uniform a few days before they finally have primary to secondary school transition. So, it will allow you to ensure the perfect size and clothing. Moreover, stationery is the most important thing. Make sure you buy everything your child needs, including a calculator, pens, rulers, eraser and a bag.

At Adnan Khan Tutoring, we provide secondary school students with the best training and advice. There is a reason our students feel more confident when they start their secondary school. It is because we train them so well and guide their parents through the whole journey.

4. Make Them More Responsible

As a parent, you need to ensure your child gets ready the night before starting secondary school. So, try to establish a perfect routine that will help you make mornings hassle-free. You need to make them more responsible. Ask them to get their uniform and bags ready at night. Make them keep everything in front so they won’t forget anything in the morning. So, a child feels responsible for all these things and will not burden you. It is a process of growing as well. They must be able to deal with their stuff on their own.

Moreover, a child must mark important events and projects on the calendar. It must be in their routine. Try not to spoon-feed your child as they need to learn how to efficiently manage their routine work and time. It is surely one of the core things in secondary school preparation.

Adnan Khan Tutoring helps with more practical tips and has guided parents over the past 21 years. We take care of the child’s learning needs and make their primary to secondary transition more relaxing.

5. Rehearse The Journey To School

As we know, it can be the first time for most children to go to school independently. However, it can create a feeling of anxiety in them. Therefore, parents should try to ease it by going with them at least once. It will help boost their confidence, and they will be more comfortable going to school after that. Also, you need to talk to them about dealing with the transport problems, if any. Make them remember alternative routes in case of some emergency.

Some parents give the child a mobile phone to keep in contact. Save a few emergency contacts on the phone. Also, give your child some money other than the pocket money they can use in an emergency. Ask your neighbourhood if any child has the same destination or route to school. If yes, then make them companions.


Secondary school preparation has never been easy for parents and the child. It takes some pretty time and effort to work this out perfectly. However, parents must be well equipped to deal with first day challenges. At Adnan Khan Tutoring, we not only cover lessons but prepare children to grow into independent and confident people. We also guide parents on easing the child’s concerns and fears before they start learning in a different environment among peers they have never met. So, the challenges of starting a new school, learning new subjects from new teachers, and making new friends, will no longer be a problem with the tips mentioned above.

I hope with these tips you will be satisfied and stay home safely, knowing your child is as prepared as they must be. For more guidance, you can read the blog about working memory development.

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