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Live Maths Tuition Classes in Bournemouth

Practice Basic Arithmetic and Advanced Algebraic Equations with our expert tutors in Bournemouth Online Maths Tutoring classes.

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Best One-to-One and Group Maths Tuition in Bournemouth

Online Courses Aligned with the Maths National Curriculum (Primary and Secondary)

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SATs Maths Tuition

Online Tutors

GCSE Maths Tuition

Online Tutors

11 Plus Maths Tuition

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12/13 Plus Maths Tuition

Year 1 Tuition

Year 1 Tuition

Year 2 Tuition

Year 2 Tuition

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Year 3 Tuition

ks2 tuition

Year 4 Tuition

ks2 tuition

Year 5 Tuition

ks2 tuition

Year 6 Tuition


KS3 English Tuition


KS3 Maths Tuition


KS3 Science Tuition


Year 7 Tuition


Year 8 Tuition


Year 9 Tuition


GCSE English Tuition


GCSE Maths Tuition


GCSE Science Tuition


Year 10 Tuition


Year 11 Tuition

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Year 2 SATS Tuition

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Year 6 SATS Tuition

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Online Maths Tutoring Services From Early Primary to GCSE Years

All online Maths lessons are tailored and taught by professional Maths tutors in Bournemouth. We can ensure that your child learns from the most qualified Maths teachers, improving their learning habits and core Maths skills.

100%-success-rateTargeted Maths Exam Practice

100%-success-rateFill in Maths Knowledge Gaps

100%-success-rateBoost Maths Confidence

Our Maths Curriculum

Online Primary and Secondary Maths Resources in Bournemouth Tutoring

Key Stage 1
Reception to Year 2

100%-success-rateNumber Sequences

100%-success-rateQuarter Fractions


100%-success-rateTelling the Time

100%-success-rateWord Problems

Key Stage 2
Years 3 to 6

100%-success-rateMeasures Problems

100%-success-rateHandling Data


100%-success-rateApproximation & Rounding


Key Stage 3
Years 7 to 9

100%-success-rateDividing Decimals



100%-success-rateHCF and LCM

100%-success-ratePrime Numbers

Years 10 to 11

100%-success-rateFrequency Trees



100%-success-rateStratified Sampling

100%-success-rateRatio Fraction Problems

Online Maths Coaching From Expert Tutors in Bournemouth

Support From Experts

Passion and Motivation
Our online Maths teaching ensures pupils are motivated for academic success and ready to learn new things.

advanced learning

Handpicked Maths Tutors
We have the most competent tutors to supplement your child’s Maths learning like any best Maths private tutors.

Live Tuition Classes

Focus On Applied Maths
We focus on improving a child’s applied skills with Maths arithmetic, geometry or algebra Maths questions.

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What Do Parents Say About Maths Tutoring?

Hiring an online Maths tutor in Bournemouth is tricky. However, Adnan Khan Tutoring has the most proficient teachers of any best Maths tuition centre in the UK. They understand the significance of utilising effective methods to get the required results.

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