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Year 1 English Tutors and Tuition High Wycombe

Our online Year 1 English Tutors in High Wycombe with British qualifications are expert and trained well for online tutoring. We offer a wide range of lessons in our Year 1 English Tuition in High Wycombe. Our complete year 1 English course covers the National Curriculum. We maintain the quality that we have been providing since 2001. We have qualified Year 1 English tutors, providing live group and one-to-one online sessions. All our online year 1 English quizzes are based on live marking. We provide regular feedback to parents and also provide a free trial of two weeks.

Is English tutoring important for Year 1 students?

English is a compulsory subject and included in almost every entrance or assessment exam. Moreover, the British people are very cautious about their English language. Parents want their children to have good English learning skills; thus, they prefer to hire a private tutor for year 1 in High Wycombe, at the early stage.

Children start their school from year 1, which is also the first year of KS1. We know how much it is crucial to help the child of age 5 or 6. We have developed our online year 1 English course according to the child’s learning needs.

What do we offer in our online Year 1 English tutoring in High Wycombe?

Our online Year 1 English tutoring in High Wycombe intends to establish a sound foundation in English grammar, punctuation, spellings, and other English reading skills. Adnan Khan Tutoring reflects the National Curriculum guidelines and covers all Year 1 English lessons in online tuition.

Our Year 1 English Course is divided into two sections, the first section includes all the basics such as; Spellings, Punctuation and Grammar, and the second section includes English Comprehension exercises.

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  • Rhyming words
  • The alphabet
  • Spelling simple words
  • Writing practice
  • Full stops and capital letters
  • Names
  • if words
  • II words
  • ss words
  • ck words
  • ng words
  • bi words
  • cr words
  • tr words
  • str words
  • nd and Ip words
  • Words using st
  • ee words
  • 00 sounds
  • loci words
  • ai words
  • ie and y words
  • Making words
  • Question marks
  • Plurals
  • In the past
  • Vowels
  • Consonants
  • Same meanings
  • Opposites

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Year 1 English – Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar 

Year 1 English – Comprehension 

Grammar and Punctuation

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