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Online Science Tuition

Improve Your Child’s Scientific Knowledge with Online Science Tutoring Available in all areas of the UK

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100%-success-rateBiology, Physics and Chemistry Tuition
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Online Science Tuition, Online Science Tutoring, Online Science Tutors, online science tutor

Key Stage 3 Tuition

Online Science Tuition, Online Science Tutoring, Online Science Tutors, online science tutor

GCSE Tuition

Year 1 Tuition

Year 1 Tuition

Year 2 Tuition

Year 2 Tuition

ks2 tuition

Year 3 Tuition

ks2 tuition

Year 4 Tuition

ks2 tuition

Year 5 Tuition

ks2 tuition

Year 6 Tuition


Year 7 Tuition


Year 8 Tuition


Year 9 Tuition


Year 10 Tuition


Year 11 Tuition

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Year 2 SATS Tuition

year-6-sats, Online SATs tuition, SATs Tutors, SATs Tutoring

Year 6 SATS Tuition


11PLUS Tuition


11PLUS English


11PLUS Maths


12/13 Plus English Tuition


12/13 Plus Maths Tuition


12/13 Plus Reasoning Tuition

Online Science Tuition, Online Science Tutoring, Online Science Tutors, online science tutor

Science Tuition Classes For KS3 and GCSE Students

Adnan Khan Tutoring offers top-quality online science,biology, physics and chemistry tutors for Key Stage 3 and GCSE, covering all topics. Our science tutors online help them overcome all science challenges using effective tutoring strategies.

100%-success-rateLive Online Science Classes

100%-success-rateEmail Feedback Reports

100%-success-rateScience Exams Preparation

Our Curriculum

Practice Online Physics, Chemistry and Biology Topics

Year 7 Science

100%-success-rateLife Processes

100%-success-rateFood and Digestion

100%-success-rateThe Periodic Table

100%-success-rateForce and Movement


100%-success-rateExams Practice

Year 8 Science


100%-success-ratePlant Nutrition

100%-success-rateTypes of Rock

100%-success-rateChemical Reactions

100%-success-rateGenerating Electricity

100%-success-rateExams Practice

Year 9 Science

100%-success-rateDay and Night

100%-success-rateThe Seasons

100%-success-rateNaming Compounds

100%-success-rateBalancing Equations

100%-success-rateInheritance and Genetics

100%-success-rateExams Practice

GCSE Science

100%-success-rateSeries Circuits

100%-success-rateParallel Circuits

100%-success-rateGrowth & Differentiation

100%-success-rateBacterial Diseases

100%-success-rateChemical Equations

100%-success-rateExams Practice

Hi-Tech Online Science Tutoring Services

Support From Experts

Interactive Learning
We have talented online science tutors who use various methods to increase interaction among children.

advanced learning

Science Curriculum
We teach complete KS3 and GCSE Science curriculum, including online
secondary science exam resources.

Live Tuition Classes

Live Tuition Classes
We offer live Science classes, science group tuition and one-to-one lessons by science tutors online.

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What Do Parents Say About Our Online Science Tuition?

Our online science tutors will push, challenge, question and motivate your child to inspire their curiosity about science. We have professionals if you are looking for a competent online science tutor.

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