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Do You Need Help in Finding A Best Tutor for your Child

Do You Need Help in Finding A Best Tutor For Your Child?

In the UK alone the private Tuition market is valued at 8 billion pounds and growing fast. In London, nearly 40% of School going children have had private Tutoring at some point.  Parents are investing in their children’s future by hiring Tutors to help their children get a head start in academic study to pass exams such as SATS, 11 Plus and GCSEs.

Sometimes finding an ideal Tutor is challenging. Many parents make the mistake of taking on inexperienced and unqualified Tutors without doing proper checks into their history or background. The Tutoring market is a grey area and as it is unregulated, many parents and students have been caught up dealing with unscrupulous characters and unregulated Tuition centres.

Keep reading and we’ll show you how we can help you find an ideal Tutor for your child without breaking the bank or spending valuable time surfing the net.

Specialist Tuition

Every child is different in academic and social terms. If one Tutor works for a certain child in a subject, maybe the same Tutor may not fit the same category for another. Children are working at different levels within Schools. Some children are visual learners. Others have an auditory requirement or have special learning needs. Some children like to work in small groups as it keeps them motivated.  Whatever, the requirement or subject, we can assess your child scientifically and work out what kind of private Tuition will suit their needs.

Why is tutoring proving so popular? 

  1. Due to the mounting budget pressures on Schools and the extraordinary large class sizes, parents prefer to provide additional support for their children.
  2. Tutors can provide close support in weak areas of the curriculum, which Schools cannot, due to time pressures.
  3. A child or parent can request any subject, whether it is Maths, English or Science to be covered. Tutoring is flexible and enriching.
  4. Competition in the market place for the best jobs and best University places, have increased pressure on young people to do well.

What type of Tuition is there?

There are various types of private tutoring available in the market and virtually all of them have their advantages and cost factors. All the various options include SATS practise, 11 Plus Tuition or preparation for GCSE subjects.

  1. One to one Tuition. This type of tutoring takes place in a face-to-face setting. The Tutor is all ears and will be able to teach the student without any distractions and noise. A one-hour lesson is usually quite productive as a lot can be done.
  2. Home tutoring. This is where a child is taught at home. The Tutor will travel to the student’s home. A plus factor is that it will be safe, as the child is in the comfort of home, whilst a parent is present. The Tutor can teach the child on a one to one basis or with other siblings at the same time.
  3. A Tuition Centre. With various Tuition Centres popping up all around the country, a child will have to travel to them. Tuition Centres of all shapes and sizes are preparing children for important academic study and some of these centres are quite successful. The student will most likely work in a class setting or small groups depending on the outlay of the centre.
  4. Online Tuition. This format of tutoring is slowly gaining importance. Due to the increasing traffic on our roads, parents prefer to have their children tutored online in the comfort of their own homes. The tuition can be on a one to one basis or in small groups where other children do not interfere with the class. A computer and a webcam will be necessary.
  5. After School clubs. Some after school clubs organised by Schools will provide additional learning for children. Students will need to stay behind straight after school and complete an additional hour lesson within a group. Not all Schools have this facility.
  6. Travel to a Tutors house. Many Tutors work from home and prefer not to travel. They will usually have their equipment and resources at hand. Parents drop off their children to the Tutors house for study. An external surrounding is academically beneficial, however, parents need to be sure of checking the Tutors background before they proceed, to make sure their child is safe.

As you can see, there are various Tutoring options and many parents and children have a variety of options that can suit them. Before deciding on the format, a suitable Tutor or Tuition centre will need to be looked into. 

What to look for in a Tutor?

In order to find an ideal professional Tutor for your child, it is pertinent to do some research beforehand.

  1. Security checks. Before you say yes to sign on with a Tutor, it is essential you check their criminal history. Asking them for their DBS certificate, or Criminal Record Bureau certificate can do this. Your child’s safety is paramount.
  2. Check their qualifications. If your child wants to study GCSE or ‘A’ level Maths then ask the Tutor if he or she is qualified to teach Maths. They should have a higher degree or a qualified teacher status. Some Tutors are multi-skilled and can teach various subject but it’s important they are degree qualified as a minimum.
  3. Do they have any experience? Experience in working at a School is sometimes advantageous. The Tutor should have some health and safety and teaching skills whereby other professionals have observed them in a similar setting.
  4. Patience and reward. A good professional Tutor should be patient and calm. He or she should be able to communicate with young people effectively and gently. It’s always good to have a trial lesson beforehand to see if your child fits in well with the Tutor or Tuition Centre.
  5. Do they have suitable resources? Tutors should have a range of adequate resources available, whether; it’s books, worksheets, computers or even simply stationery and dictionaries. These small things make a difference with regards to the learning environment.

How do I find a suitable Tutor for my child? 

Finding a highly qualified and professional Tutor is challenging for any parent. This is an area, our company has been specialising in for the last 15 years.  We do all the hard work for you. Interviews and reference checks are carried out before we make any offers. Trial observations are carried out on a Tutor to check their suitability for this role. Our qualified teachers carry out specialist Tutor training in house. All Tutors need to keep up with regular training and subject knowledge checks to keep them on our books.

We provide various formats of private Tuition and have Tutors from all subject backgrounds to cover your needs. We know your children are your prized possessions and need to be looked after and nurtured in the right way.

To save you time and money, we will do all the hard work for you. We will find you the best tutor and tutoring format that suits your child.

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