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English learning, English skills, English writing skills

How to improve your child’s English Learning Skills?

Generally, parents want conventional learning for their children in their early school years. However, developing English learning skills holds great importance in a child’s academics, especially in the UK. Parents believe that English proficiency at a young age helps children stay ahead in academics. This is why they think the sooner a child gets started, the better it is for them.

Parents play a major role in a child’s academic achievement. Their interest and motivation are the key players in their English learning. Parents can learn activities to improve English skills and support their learning at home. We have some tips on how to improve a child’s English.

Parents want their children to be fluent, one of many core skills in English. Therefore, it is essential to promote and develop English reading, writing and vocabulary skills as it is the universal way to communicate.

In this modernised world, technology has made things more pronounced for children. They can watch online videos and play games to develop core English skills. However, it is equally important for parents to spend adequate time with them and develop solutions to the problem: my child is not progressing at school.

English writing is an activity covering many different aspects. A child must have a solid grip on grammar, punctuation, vocabulary and mental processing. The handwriting and typing come after it. Acquiring English skills necessitates ample practice to speak and write perfectly.

Adnan Khan Tutoring has brought some tips to improve your child’s English learning skills.

7 Tips to Improve a child’s English Skills!

We have put together some top recommendations by experts to help your child struggling with reading and writing.

1. Prepare Yourself First

Parents who want to know how to communicate with a child who does not speak English need to understand the importance of preparing themselves before helping them. If you are a parent and English is not your first language, there is no shame in learning English and spending time together, fostering a positive attitude towards learning.

English learning, English skills, English writing skills

If you learn English yourself, you can easily help your child when they make mistakes. It is highly suggested to be well prepared before you start to teach your child English at home.

2. Read Bedtime Storybooks

It has been recognised as the best way to excite your child and improve their English learning skills. Reading bedtime stories to the child will encourage them to listen and understand the meaning of the words as well as the context of the story. It is a great English learning opportunity in an interesting way. We never forget our favourite books from childhood, especially bedtime stories. In fact, we still can recall the words or phrases from those books.

English learning, English skills, English writing skills

Stories are an excellent tool for effective English learning. Therefore, we must make good use of it when it comes to a child’s English learning. It enhances the vocabulary, inspiring children to ask about characters and plots.

We now have audiobooks that you can play to your child. They will listen to those stories in a more professional and exciting manner.

3. Always Motivate Your Child

When your child learns some new words of English and tries to say sentences, motivate them even if you find it insufficient. Motivation always plays a crucial role in a successful academic career.

English learning, English skills, English writing skills

The primary concern that we usually hear from parents is that my child is struggling in school; what do I do? They make mistakes, and it is your responsibility to correct and help them without making them upset about it. Encourage them to try better next time. The addition of this practice will get you to see significant improvements in their learning.

4. Playing Word Games

It is one of the most engaging ways to improve a child’s vocabulary. Playing word games enhances their knowledge about words and how to use them in their daily routine. It helps them develop a habit of searching for new words every day.

English learning, English skills, English writing skills

There are different types of word games. Try to play those that the child is most interested in. This is how your child can learn English easily at home.

5. Encourage Reading

If you want your child to improve their English writing skills, make sure they develop a habit of reading. The more children read the books, the more their vocabulary increases. They also understand the context and will add more words to their knowledge.

English learning, English skills, English writing skills

Once they memorise the word and it becomes a part of their vocabulary, they will properly use it in English writing. They are both connected. It can also help if your child struggles with reading comprehension. Reading exposes children to various ways of using words and sentence structures that improve writing.

6. Singing Out Loud

The repetitive patterns of rhymes and poems are a way to improve a child’s English learning skills in the early stages. Children manage to memorise new words in such an interactive and fun way.

English learning, English skills, English writing skills

Their confidence will increase and they will improve their pronunciation of words when they listen and recite the poems aloud in front of friends. If your child is struggling in school, you can help them by using poems.

7. English Tuition

Tutoring is also one of the most productive ways to encourage a child’s English learning. Learning from expert English tutors will professionally improve their skills. If you are inexperienced parents who cannot teach the child, you should start looking for help from qualified English teachers.

English learning, English skills, English writing skills

However, you can use online learning platforms as well. These platforms have different English learning games that excite the child to learn new words effectively.


Children pick up the English language and learn new words effectively through these tips. It is essential to develop English reading and writing skills early. However, parents can help the child improve their English learning skills with consistent practice, using the right tips at the right time. Children need a suitable environment to learn and enhance skills. It may take a lot of time, but it is worth spending time to polish your child’s English skills and boost their confidence.

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