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Looking For Online English Tuition Bournemouth?

Enrol your child to prepare for English exams With talented online tutors in Bournemouth for Key Stages 1, 2, 3 and GCSE.

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100%-success-rateBespoke English Syllabus
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Best Primary and Secondary School English Tuition in Bournemouth

Choose The Right Online English
Courses in Bournemouth

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SATs English Tuition

Online Tutors

GCSE English Tuition

Online Tutors

11 Plus English Tuition

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12/13 Plus English Tuition

Year 1 Tuition

Year 1 Tuition

Year 2 Tuition

Year 2 Tuition

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Year 3 Tuition

ks2 tuition

Year 4 Tuition

ks2 tuition

Year 5 Tuition

ks2 tuition

Year 6 Tuition


KS3 English Tuition


KS3 Maths Tuition


KS3 Science Tuition


Year 7 Tuition


Year 8 Tuition


Year 9 Tuition


GCSE English Tuition


GCSE Maths Tuition


GCSE Science Tuition


Year 10 Tuition


Year 11 Tuition

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Year 2 SATS Tuition

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Year 6 SATS Tuition

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Online English Lessons in Bournemouth Tutoring For All Years

Finding the best online English tutoring services is no easy task. So, we have prepared the best resources, including English exam practice for 11 Plus entrance and GCSE exams. Your child will learn from expert English tutors in Bournemouth.

100%-success-rateEnglish Reading & Writing Techniques

100%-success-rateExpert Tips for Writing Long Essays

100%-success-rateLive One-to-One English Tuition

Our English Curriculum

Practice Online English Resources From Reception to GCSE

Key Stage 1 English
Reception to Year 2




100%-success-rateReading Exercise

100%-success-rateWriting Letters

Key Stage 2 English
Years 3 to 6

100%-success-rateWord Games


100%-success-rateSpeech Punctuation

100%-success-rateVerbs and Tenses

100%-success-rateSpelling Tests

Key Stage 3 English
Years 7 to 9


100%-success-rateWriting Plays


100%-success-ratePurpose & Audience

100%-success-rateSpelling: Vowels Rules

GCSE English
Years 10 to 11

100%-success-rateOriginal Writing

100%-success-rateHow to Write Essays

100%-success-rateStory Planning & Writing

100%-success-rateShakespeare Assignment

100%-success-rateIdeas and Themes

Best English Learning Opportunity in Bournemouth

Support From Experts

Finest English Exam Revision
We have prepared extra resources aligned with the English curriculum, improving the exam revision process.

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Support Beyond Academics
The support from an English tutor in Bournemouth will help overcome academic challenges and beyond.

Live Tuition Classes

Celebrate Achievements
English tutors celebrate a child’s achievement, whether it is getting skilled at English reading or writing.

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Adnan Khan Tutoring prepares children for English exams with the experienced English Tutors in Bournemouth. So, we help children practise and revise with SATs, 11 Plus and GCSE English curriculum as any best private English tutoring you could find.

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