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GCSE Exams Preparation

Everything You Need to Know About GCSE Exams Preparation

GCSE 2022 is around the corner, and it has never been easy to prepare and revise for GCSE exams. However, a child needs perfect GCSE exams preparation, whether parents prepare them at home or by hiring a GCSE tutor. Adnan Khan Tutoring uses the most recent and updated learning resources with qualified GCSE tutors who know how to pass your GCSE exam. However, you all need to know many important things before starting GCSE preparation. This blog will let you know how to study effectively for GCSE to score top grades in exams.

This is a time to get prepared for this competitive secondary school exam season. If you have doubts, revising the exam, sooner or a little later, affects the overall performance and grades. So, you need to be thoughtful when helping children through GCSE in Years 10 and 11. You need to ensure a child has the best chance to perform exceptionally. However, experts suggest starting the revision process earlier. This way, children get more time to study, and they will develop and adopt an excellent balanced learning approach.

Furthermore, we will help you set clear GCSE goals and plan the perfect study scheme to achieve the expected results. So, we have written this ultimate detailed guide to help you learn everything you need to during this GCSE season. Adnan Khan Tutoring will help you succeed and let parents know about crucial things.

Things You Need To Know About GCSE Exams Preparation and Revision

Children can relieve exam stress or anxiety only when they are well prepared and equipped with solid skills. So, they should know how to prepare for GCSE in Year 10 and Year 11 as both years are crucial for getting good grades.

How important is GCSE for students?

To be precise, this qualification gives students the very first formal academic record of their educational potential and abilities. However some think that these exams are important for just getting into college, but this is not entirely true. In fact, it has a significant impact on life afterwards. It may be difficult for some to decide when to start revising for GCSE. So, Adnan Khan Tutoring makes sure children begin GCSE preparation at the right time with the right GCSE experts.

When should you start GCSE revision for 2022?

Ideally, the experts suggest starting the GCSE revision at least six months before the exams. As the exams will take place in the month of May, children should have begun their GCSE revision in January. Still, you should agree that children’s schedules and learning habits vary.

  • Therefore, it is suggested for parents to start the revision process depending on the specific abilities of a child. However, one of the best ways to revise for GCSE exams is to start sooner. It allows children to cover the complete curriculum for GCSE Maths, English and Science, and nothing will be left.
  • In contrast, if you start late, it brings anxiety as you will be putting your child and yourself into a time crunch.

Adnan Khan Tutoring provides quality English, GCSE Science and GCSE Maths revision worksheets in the form of online practice tests and quizzes. However, your child will learn from an expert GCSE tutor in our live one-to-one and group GCSE tuition classes.

What are the dates of GCSE exams and results?

GCSE exams for 2022 will start on 16 May and end on 28 June for Years 10 and 11. If you notice, exams starting mid-year gives GCSE students enough time to prepare comprehensively for their GCSE exams.

GCSE results will be released in the 3rd week of August. However, the tentative date for the GCSE 2022 exams is 25 August.

How to Improve GCSE Exams Preparation and Revision Process?

Revision is the most important part of the GCSE exam. Students are supposed to practise GCSE Maths tips with proper guidance and supervision of a professional GCSE Maths tutor. However, English and Science subjects are equally important and challenging. Following is a step by step guide for GCSE revision 2022.

Set Goals

Revision without a plan is nothing. Therefore, educational experts suggest writing specific goals before starting the revision for Maths and GCSE English exams. Know and write down the weak subject matters and the grades you wish to get in final exams. Make a whole plan before starting the revision, including the list of the topics and questions formats. However, it will make tracking down the progress easier for you.

Know the Learning Style

To know how to pass the GCSE Maths and English exam, you should know your child’s learning style. Particularly in exams preparation, the one size fits all approach does not fit. Each child learns differently. For some, it is easier with visuals and some likes learning in an auditory manner. Kinaesthetic works so well for some students. Therefore, you should know the method that will suit your child’s requirements. It promotes effective revision and helps children get good grades in their GCSE Maths Exams, English and Science GCSE papers.

Set A Time Table

While aiming for perfect GCSE exams preparation, you need to create a suitable timetable to revise the Maths, English and Science lessons, covering the entire GCSE national curriculum. Moreover, you should include breaks because a child can get frustrated with a continuous focus on learning and revising the complicated lessons. So, they need to stay refreshed for efficient learning. Therefore, you should make a timetable that takes care of all these crucial things.

How do GCSE resources help in GCSE exams preparation?

It is important to provide students with various available GCSE resources to add them to the revision process. However, you should use updated and reputable learning resources. It is hard to trust every source you see on the internet. Therefore, you should keep your mind open to watch for these things.

GCSE Practice Papers

You can find some of the best GCSE practice papers covering the past papers and GCSE worksheets at Adnan Khan Tutoring. So, your child needs to solve the papers under timed conditions set by the exam boards. However, you can consult with the school teachers to ask about the additional exam practice resources. This way, your child will be revising different types of questions, solving each question according to the time limitations. Moreover, it will boost the child’s confidence and subject knowledge. You can even identify the areas your child needs more help.

Adnan Khan Tutoring has prepared online GCSE practice resources and tests for all core subjects, including Maths, English and Science.

Online GCSE Tutoring Platforms

To make your child’s exams preparation and GCSE revision more interesting, you can make good use of the online platform. Such websites have different learning styles to improve the GCSE online exams preparation. So, you will see your child reaching their objectives confidently. A child takes interest when provided with attractive learning resources.

At Adnan Khan Tutoring, tutors take live tutoring classes to help GCSE students through this challenging academic phase. Look at the demo below.

Think of Effective Study Tips

Sometimes, it is not entirely the hard work that matters. A child needs to do smart work to get things done. So, think of healthy and intelligent tips to make the GCSE preparation and revision process convenient for children. Stay helpful and maintain a proper balance between working and relaxing time. However, they need to be more productive and motivated to ace their final GCSE exams with top grades.

Stay Positive

A child will never gain confidence if you are not encouraging them. Words have power, and therefore, you should make good use of your words to make the learning process fruitful for your child. Especially the children appearing in GCSE need a positive attitude to improve the revision for GCSE lessons. So, educational experts suggest you say positive words to your child to keep them motivated.


GCSE exams preparation is something that needs more grind and hard work from students and their parents as well. Therefore, Adnan Khan Tutoring ensures children who come for GCSE revision and preparation are provided with everything they need to accomplish their objectives. This guide will help you learn the important things and how to make a child’s GCSE preparation more convincing.

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