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11 Plus Verbal Reasoning

Get Your Child the Best Online 11 Plus Verbal Reasoning Practice Tests

Many platforms provide 11 plus verbal reasoning preparation courses or assessment tests. As the 11 plus is a challenging exam, and the verbal reasoning part gets tricky. Students need to prepare well for the final 11+ verbal reasoning exams. Parents like to help their kids with tutoring, either it’s private tutoring or tuition centre. The 11 plus syllabus is not easy to prepare in a short period; it needs pretty much time to cover each area or topic. The whole 11 plus syllabus includes 11 plus Maths, English, Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning. Schools teach Maths and English, but not verbal and non-verbal reasoning as these tests require excellent reasoning and analytical skills. 

Verbal reasoning is the understanding and reasoning of patterns and sequences expressed in words to assess analytical skills. 11 Plus Verbal Reasoning papers demand students to think logically and creatively. 

There are many Verbal Reasoning tests: words with similar meanings, word completion, code decryption, and pick the odd one out. Students must practice these tests to get better at verbal reasoning.

Verbal reasoning is more of a test of skills and is used to gauge the child’s analytical and reasoning skills. It also demands students to use their complete knowledge while solving the problems. 

What kind of Questions Students have in 11 Plus Verbal Reasoning Papers?

There are different types of questions students are asked to solve in 11 plus verbal reasoning papers, but we usually have 21 types used in a specific format by LEA and schools. 11 plus verbal reasoning based on words and language. Also, it requires students to have an excellent vocabulary to apply to the verbal reasoning questions in the exams easily. Students should practise finding the words with the closest meaning or opposite meaning. They should know how to complete words by the addition of letters. The 11 plus verbal reasoning papers consist of the following questions:

  • Spotting sequences in letters
  • Finding codes between letters and numbers
  • Finding words within words
  • Working out the letter to complete the words

How can Parents help the kids Develop their Verbal Reasoning Skills?

Before you start preparing your child for eleven plus verbal reasoning exams, carry out the following things to develop their reasoning skills.

  • Games play a vital role in developing good skills; you should play word-based games like scrabble or boggle. These games can enhance the child’s verbal reasoning skills which can help them prepare for 11 plus verbal reasoning.
  • Also, help your child play word games including word search, hangman, crosswords and puzzles etc. These games provide fun and are an effective way to engage the child in learning verbal skills, without them even realising.
  • The word games like finding the odd word out, solving anagrams, and finding synonyms and antonyms help the kids developing and practising the verbal reasoning tests.
  • Spelling challenge is also useful in this regard; it includes focusing on commonly misspelt words and homophones. Challenge your child with such spellings to develop good verbal skills.
  • Take your child to the museum, introduce them to culture, visit art galleries; ask questions about things to see what they think. Make them question things around and develop a reasoning habit.
  • Encourage your kids to read the questions carefully in their Verbal Reasoning exams. It’s crucial to understand the problem before you start solving it thoroughly.

What are the Tutoring Options for 11 plus Verbal Reasoning Exams?

Luckily, we have so many tutoring options available for preparing eleven plus verbal reasoning. Due to stiff 11 plus exams competition and not being taught at schools, tuition centres provide the 11 plus tuition and many private 11 plus tutors offer their services. Online tutoring can also be the best option for some people if they cannot afford private tutoring.

If you want to help your child at home, take proper guidance from qualified tutors and buy some 11 plus verbal reasoning test practice papers. Develop a routine and sound plan, and it’s not that easy to start without any experience or guidance. Take regular breaks and use exciting learning techniques. Don’t let your child feel exhausted and use online or board games for fun learning. But what if you’re a busy person and cannot give enough time at home?

Hiring an 11 plus tutor is also the best option; a qualified 11 plus tutor knows how to prepare the child for the final exams. The experienced 11 plus tutor can make a plan according to the child’s level. You can also ask for a free trial to see if the tutor can go along with your child. Make sure you hire a qualified and skilled tutor who has an excellent academic and clean criminal background; it ensures your child’s safety.

We provide the best tutoring services in our centres and also on our online platform. Adnan khan tutoring has a wide range of 11 plus courses, and people trust us for the 11 plus preparation. We have complete online practice and assessment tests for 11 plus verbal reasoning. So, if you want to prepare your child for 11 plus verbal reasoning papers in High Wycombe, we can provide you with the best tutoring. Our complete 11 plus courses cover the 11 plus English, Maths, Verbal & Non-Verbal and 11 plus mock exam tests.

If you need any information about 11 plus or 11 plus verbal reasoning preparation, contact us at the following number or email us at the given address. We will get back to you soon and will provide you with the best support.

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