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11 Plus Vocabulary


11 Plus Vocabulary has great significance in English exams. So, students need proper guidance and support from parents and teachers. However, a child needs to learn an advanced vocabulary list, especially the 11 Plus CEM vocabulary list to increase the word knowledge and ace the final exam.

The tutoring can help for sure, but what can parents do to make it even better for a child’s 11 Plus preparation? Adnan Khan Tutoring has some top homeschooling 11 Plus tips and tricks for exam preparation.

Why is it Important to Improve My Child’s Vocabulary?

Vocabulary paper covers 10-15% of the marks in the exam. Therefore, a child must do well to learn important 11 Plus vocabulary words and meanings to achieve better grades. As a parent, you might need some reliable learning resources to help your child and guidance from experts to prepare your child at home.

Moreover, vocabulary increases the child’s confidence and helps in 11+ English papers. So, children with a solid vocabulary foundation are more likely to perform outstandingly than their peers. This is why we see tutors focus on the child’s vocabulary when preparing for exams.

What is a Vocabulary Words List, and Why is it Important?

It is the best word list that includes words from previous exams or used in published vocabulary tests. Moreover, these words are also used by GL and CEM exam boards. Learning this list of important and more difficult words will help children build a strong vocabulary. It also covers Year 6 words and most commonly misspelt words.

How To Use Vocabulary List?

Adnan Khan Tutoring has a detailed 11 Plus guide for using a vocabulary list.

  • You must start by identifying and practising the meaning and spelling of unfamiliar words.
  • After that, practise little and frequently, focusing on a few words daily.
  • Then it comes to learning the 11 Plus spelling. Different spelling techniques include:
  1. Look at the word, cover and write it.
  2. You can also spell the word orally.
  3. Moreover, spell the new word as many times as possible in a few seconds.

Students must understand the meaning of high vocabulary words. How?

  1. Ask your child what a specific word means consistently.
  2. Also, ask them whether they have synonyms for a particular word in mind.
  3. Help them use a specific word in a sentence to clarify its meaning. It will help them learn ambitious vocabulary.

What is Ambitious Vocabulary?

Ambitious vocabulary is arranged into words of the week. However, the purpose of these words is not to learn accurate spelling (yet!) but use them properly in conversation and in writing.

Provide your child with different ambitious vocabulary examples. Moreover, it is equally important for children to learn technical and maths vocabulary KS2.

How To Improve Vocabulary for 11 Plus Exams?

We have gathered around the top 5 strategies for homeschool parents.

1. Promote Conversation

The conversation between parents and the child improves the vocabulary. So, parents should speak to their children at home and use various vocabulary words for 11 Plus to enhance their knowledge. Children must learn more challenging and complicated words for grammar school exams 11 Plus vocabulary.  They can learn 11 Plus Synonyms and Antonyms and use them in daily conversation to enhance their word skills.

At Adnan Khan Tutoring, tutors focus on developing core vocabulary in 11 Plus exam preparation.

2. Encourage Reading and Listening to Your Child

It is a crucial part of Eleven Plus Vocabulary building. Reading improves the child’s knowledge about 11 Plus words. Moreover, it strengthens the parent-child relationship by setting a regular reading time. In this way, they get to spend quality learning time with the child. So, provide them with some best vocabulary books for 11 Plus.

At Adnan Khan Tutoring, tutors conduct reading activities in the live 11 Plus classes to encourage reading and improve the child’s vocabulary. We cover the following topics in online tuition.

  • Antonyms
  • Synonyms
  • Associated Words
  • Compound Words
  • Word Pairs

3. Play Word Games

Playing regular word games would improve the child’s vocabulary. You can play 11 Plus vocabulary games with your child or use an app that includes alphabets and complete the words. Also, you can improvise the game. For example, you can ask the child to make a word using two different words. Does that sound difficult? Look at the example in the video below.

You can make good use of CGP 11 Plus vocabulary flashcards to get your child prepared for the upcoming 11 Plus examination.

4. Motivate the Child to Make Sentences

Making sentences using new 11 Plus words would help the child learn and understand the word’s meaning in a better way. However, a word has different meanings, which could be challenging. So, making two different sentences for the same word will help the child learn such subtleties. Moreover, it allows children to know the meanings and use them in different contexts.

At Adnan Khan Tutoring, we have prepared a comprehensive range of vocabulary lessons, including spelling, synonyms, antonyms and many others.

5. Write and Write More

Just reading is satisfactory, but it is useful when a child writes the 11 Plus spelling using a new vocabulary. Therefore, Adnan Khan Tutoring promotes writing for vocabulary development. So, parents should help children practise writing at home to improve the 11 Plus vocabulary list with meanings. A child might struggle writing new words or making sentences using these words at first. However, you are there to correct their mistakes and help them develop skills. You should also use 11 Plus vocabulary books and worksheets for practice.

How Can Adnan Khan Tutoring Help?

At Adnan Khan Tutoring, we have a dedicated 11 Plus vocabulary course. So, we ensure students who take 11 Plus exam vocabulary must be proficient, and parents must play their role in this journey. Our 11 Plus tuition provides your child with the best preparation for such a crucial and competitive exam. Therefore, we cover detailed online 11 Plus vocabulary tests including:

  • 11 Plus Spelling List
  • GL and CEM  assessment 11 Plus Word List
  • Ambitious Vocabulary For Creative Writing

For more details on how Adnan Khan Tutoring can help with 11 Plus exam preparation, please call us for a chat with one of our experts.

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