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Tutor Maham

Maham Gull

BSc Hons – Air Transport Management (First Class HONS), Coventry University, UK

A Levels

Physics A

Mathematics A

Chemistry B

GCSEs Core

Physics A*

Mathematics A*

Chemistry A*

Biology A*

English A

About The Tutor
I am a passionate learner and hardcore aviation enthusiast. I graduated in Air Transport Management. I believe gaining knowledge is pointless unless shared with others. Due to this, I became an educator and teacher.

Teaching Experience:

I discovered my desire for teaching at an early age. As a child, I studied by acting out how my teacher explained in class, using a blackboard in my room. This translated into helping my classmates in college and during my professional studies. Every human is unique and how they learn is different. A simple question can be explained ten different ways. When a student finally grasps the concept, it gives me a feeling of satisfaction that cannot be explained. I believe hard work and consistent effort can achieve anything. These are the principles I follow every day and train my students to do the same.


Being a science fan, I spend a lot of time on YouTube watching Science Channels and discovering how things work. Other pastimes include watching science fiction, comedy and thriller movies, no horror for me, please!

Favourite book

I like to read fiction books. Harry Potter is my all-time favourite book. Books can instantly transport you to a world of imagination and we need imagination to produce new inventors and innovators.

Favourite food

Whenever possible I try out different cuisines and restaurants with friends. I have a weakness for all kinds of desserts.

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