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SATs Guidance 2022

Primary KS1 and KS2 SATs: Guidance for Parents 2022

Children in Year 2 and Year 6 take KS1 and KS2 SATs in England to assess their knowledge. However, they need proper preparation to deal with the challenges. Whereas parents also need SATs guidance 2022. As we all know, parents are an integral part of a child’s academic life. They should be familiar with the updated curriculum and guidelines of SATs in 2022.

SATs were cancelled in the years 2020 and 2021 due to COVID-19. Dates are announced for SATs exams in 2022. Therefore, Adnan Khan Tutoring will guide parents through the changes and updates for SATs 2022. SATs show how much knowledge a child possesses, and it is also an indicator of whether the school provides quality education.

SATs Guidance 2022: What are KS1 and KS2?

Key Stage 1 or KS1 covers academic Years 1 and 2 in the UK’s education system, whereas KS2 covers Years 3, 4, 5 and 6 of primary school. So, students take SATs exams at the end of both Key Stages. The primary objective of these SATs tests is to assess the child’s knowledge and grip on core subject areas. Therefore, they must prepare for these tests.

Adnan Khan Tutoring offers exclusive online SATs tuition across the UK and has achieved remarkable results. However, this particular blog is a complete SATs papers guide for parents.

Key Stage 1 SATs Changes 2022: Things You Must Know

As mentioned earlier, the children take SATs at the of Year 2. Therefore, they must be good at the following areas:

  • Reading
  • Maths
  • English punctuation, spelling, grammar or the selective papers that some schools use

Adnan Khan Tutoring covers all the lessons mentioned above in online SATs tuition. We have experienced SATs tutors who know what exactly your child will need to take these tests.

In 2016, KS1 SATs were revamped to contemplate changes to the national curriculum. Later on, in September of 2017, it was decided that from 2023 the KS1 SATs will be non-statutory. It means schools will decide whether to take these tests or not. So, till then, pupils will continue taking these exams in May during Year 2.

As we know, in 2020 and 2021, schools did not take the KS1 SATs because of the pandemic. Adnan Khan Tutoring is here to help, providing you with SATs guidance 2022.

Let’s discuss each KS1 SATs paper in detail.

KS1 Reading  

The KS1 reading test covers two different papers. Paper 1 includes a 400 to 700 words selection of texts with the questions given. On the other hand, paper 2 covers a reading booklet. It covers a selection of passages of around 800 to 1100 words. So, students write their answers in this booklet.

Reading KS1 SATs scores explained that each paper is 50% of the marks and usually takes 30 minutes. Moreover, the reading paper texts cover fiction, non-fiction and poetry.

KS1 Grammar, Spelling and Punctuation

Generally, there are two separate papers for Key Stage 1 SATs grammar, spelling and punctuation.

  • Paper 1 comes with a 20-word spelling test of 20 marks and takes 15 minutes approximately.
  • In paper 2, students will solve two sections, taking 10 minutes each. So, this paper is also worth 20 marks. There will be multiple-choice questions and short answers.

What types of questions does it involve? 

  • MCQs
  • Ranking or ordering of the events
  • Matching the characters with their roles in the story
  • Labelling
  • Find and copy
  • Short answer and
  • Open-ended questions

KS1 Maths Paper

Year 2 SATs test for Maths consist of two papers as well. However, a child should prepare well as Maths is the most challenging subject to master. Moreover, it has many marks covered in SATs Key Stage 1.

  • Paper 1 of SATs Maths covers arithmetic of 25 marks, and it usually takes 15 minutes.
  • Paper 2 assesses the child’s Maths fluency, reasoning and core problem-solving skills. Moreover, this paper has 35 marks and takes around 35 minutes. So, this is an important part of SATs. The question types will be MCQs, true/false, matching, etc.

It is worth noting that children cannot use calculators or helping tools to solve these questions.

In this SATs guidance for 2022 exams, you will know what to prepare for Key Stage 1 SATs papers. However, Adnan Khan Tutoring has extensive online SATs Maths practice tests, covering the complete curriculum to help your child through KS1 SATs 2022.

When will the Key Stage 1 SATs 2022 take place?

For parents who do not know when SATs are taken in the UK, SATs Year 2 tests are due in May 2022. However, unlike KS2 SATs, there is no hard and fast rule to set the timetable for SATs papers Key Stage 1. So, it means schools can take tests according to their schedule.

Who marks the KS1 SATs papers? 

School teachers mark the tests and give children a scaled score. If you do not know about the scaled score, it is the raw score mark by teachers out of the actual marks.

KS1 SATs Score Explained!

So, if the score is 100, it says the child is progressing at the expected standard. If the child’s score is less than 100, it means they need to improve. However, a score above 100 indicates the child is advancing higher than the expected level.

Key Stage 2 SATs 2022: Updated Guidance for Parents

Students take national curriculum tests at the end of their Key Stage 2, called SATs. As we know, these tests were cancelled due to COVID for the past two years. Now, these KS2 SATs exams in the UK are due this May 2022, from 09 May to 12 May.

Adnan Khan Tutoring prepares students for SATs with the complete national primary curriculum. Moreover, we provide live SATs classes for Year 6 students with experienced SATs online tutors.

When are the KS2 SATs exams 2022 expected?

Following are the announced dates for KS2 SATs 2022.

On Monday, 09 May 2022

  • English SATs Paper 1: grammar and punctuation questions (45 minutes)
  • English SATs Paper 2: Spelling (20 minutes)

On Tuesday, 10 May 2022

  • English reading (60 minutes)

On Wednesday, 11 May 2022

  • Maths Paper 1: Arithmetic (30 minutes)
  • Maths Paper 2: Reasoning (40 minutes)

On Thursday, 12 May 2022

  • Maths Paper 3: Reasoning (40 minutes)

When do parents get SATs results?

KS2 SATs results will be available to primary schools in July 2022. So, schools will receive a raw and scaled score for the registered students. Moreover, schools will receive information about whether the child has reached the expected standard or not.

What does your child need to prepare for KS2 SATs papers?

Adnan Khan Tutoring has prepared online SATs tuition, covering the complete syllabus and core areas. However, our expert SATs teachers ensure the child practices each paper and revise all topics. Keep reading this SATs guidance for 2022 exams.

KS2 Grammar Punctuation and Spelling 

Key Stage 2 grammar, punctuation and spelling test comprises two parts.

  • The first part covers grammar and punctuation, covering short answers that last for 45 minutes.
  • The second part is a spelling test of 20 words that lasts for 15 minutes.

Moreover, the grammar and punctuation part has two sub-types, i.e. selected response and constructed response.

KS2 Reading Test

The reading test consists of three text passages on a single paper. However, the students will have 1 hour to finish the test. Following are the questions types covered in the reading test.

  • The ranking or ordering of the events happens in the given story.
  • Labelling the particular text
  • Find and copy
  • Short constructed response
  • Open-ended response to explain the answer

KS2 Maths Test

There are three papers for SATs Maths.

  • Paper 1 consists of arithmetic questions that last for 30 minutes.
  • Paper 2 and 3 consists of reasoning questions with 40 minutes each paper.

Moreover, paper 1 covers fixed-response questions. So, children need to solve and answer the questions correctly. On the other hand, papers 2 and 3 comprised various question types, i.e. MCQs, True/False, Constrained, and Less Constrained questions.


Adnan Khan Tutoring provides tailored online tuition for KS1 and KS2 SATs preparation with expert teachers. Moreover, we take live classes for more interactive learning. This SATs guidance 2022 for exams will help you understand what needs to be done to improve your child’s SATs preparation for both Key Stages.

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