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Looking For Best Science Tuition in Bournemouth?

Online KS3 and GCSE Physics, Chemistry and Biology Tutoring with Science Experts in Bournemouth.

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100%-success-rateKS3 & GCSE Science Sessions
100%-success-rateSpecialist Science Tutors
100%-success-rateScience Exam Revision

Key Stage 3 (KS3) and GCSE Science Curriculum

Online Science Classes and Courses in Bournemouth Tuition

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Key Stage 3 Tuition

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GCSE Tuition

Year 1 Tuition

Year 1 Tuition

Year 2 Tuition

Year 2 Tuition

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Year 3 Tuition

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Year 4 Tuition

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Year 5 Tuition

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Year 6 Tuition


KS3 English Tuition


KS3 Maths Tuition


KS3 Science Tuition


Year 7 Tuition


Year 8 Tuition


Year 9 Tuition


GCSE English Tuition


GCSE Maths Tuition


GCSE Science Tuition


Year 10 Tuition


Year 11 Tuition

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Year 2 SATS Tuition

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Year 6 SATS Tuition

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Online Science Help for KS3 and GCSE in Bournemouth Tuition

With expert KS3 and GCSE science tutors, we take the required steps to provide students with comprehensive one-to-one and group science tuition. We turn their weak areas into strengths and help them with:

100%-success-rateAdvanced Science Topics

100%-success-rateScience Exams Preparation

100%-success-rateAQA, Edexcel Syllabuses

Our Online Science Curriculum

Online Key Stage 3 and GCSE Science Practice Resources

Year 7 Science

100%-success-rateStages of Digestion

100%-success-rateDrugs and Health

100%-success-rateChanges of State


100%-success-rateGenerating Electricity

Year 8 Science

100%-success-rateOrgan Systems

100%-success-rateNutrition and Food

100%-success-rateEchoes and Hearing

100%-success-rateCircuit Components

100%-success-rateSeparation Techniques

Year 9 Science

100%-success-rateNaming Compounds

100%-success-rateBalancing Equations


100%-success-ratePlant Reproduction

100%-success-rateGraphs of Motion

GCSE Science

100%-success-rateHelping the Heart

100%-success-rateUsing Energy Resources

100%-success-rateElectrical Appliances

100%-success-rateThe Rock Cycle

100%-success-rateCables and Plugs

Delivered by Expert Science Tutors in Bournemouth

Support From Experts

Live Science Classes
We offer an interactive, live one-to-one and online group science tuition in Bournemouth covering the UK science national curriculum.

advanced learning

Science Exam Tuition
We have the best online exam resources for you, whether you are looking for a private science tutor or a science tuition centre.

Live Tuition Classes

Attractive Tutoring
All online science lessons are graphics-oriented with diagrams to let children learn the science topics in detail.

Our Testimonials

What Do Parents Say About Science Tutoring?

Our Science tutoring in Bournemouth has been designed to promote an engaging learning experience for children. Therefore, we came up with live face-to-face interactive science lessons to enhance your child’s knowledge.

Support Your Child’s Science Learning with Adnan Khan Tutoring Experts!

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