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GCSE English tutor in High Wycombe

Things You Need To Know Before You Hire GCSE English Tutor in High Wycombe

Year 11 is an important year for the students as they take their GCSE exams. It is the last year of compulsory secondary education in the UK and the students usually aged 15 or 16 years in year 11 of schooling. As English is a compulsory subject in the GCSE curriculum, it gets pretty challenging, so parents tend to hire GCSE English Tutor in High Wycombe. There are certain things to look for when hiring a tutor. 

High Wycombe is a wonderful town in Buckinghamshire. The town has been known for its chair making industry and large bustling market. It surely is a good place to live for people. It doesn’t only have a diverse culture and rich history, but it also has excellent transport to London. High Wycombe is green and has some of the best schools in the UK, also famous shopping malls. As a matter of fact, the town has some best tuition centres, some of which also offer their online tuition. You don’t need to worry about GCSE English tutoring in High Wycombe

GCSE stands for General Certificate of Secondary Education. It is a certified qualification taken by students at the end of Key Stage 4 of secondary schools in different parts of the UK.

The GCSE exam courses take place for two or three years of study, starting in Year 9 or Year 10 for most students; the exams are taken at the end of year 11 in England and Wales.

GCSE English has come with different complex lessons included in the Curriculum. A child cannot deal with all of these GCSE English lessons single-handedly. There has to be someone who can help them through their GCSE exams. In that case, GCSE English tuition could work for you.

What are the Options Available for GCSE English Tuition in High Wycombe?

There are multiple options available for GCSE English Tuition in High Wycombe, all you need is to choose the right one, and Adnan Khan Tutoring will help you with that. Parents choose the option which they think is suitable and can work for their children. The common tuitions include Tuition Centre, Private Tutoring and Online Tuition. All of these tutoring options have pros and cons. 

  • Tuition centres are preferred by mostly conventional parents who want their children to learn among other students to develop good communication skills and confidence. It can be useful for your child if he/she can learn and ask questions among other children in the classroom. Otherwise, you should consider hiring a private tutor.
  • A private GCSE English tutor with an excellent academic background can easily help your child through their GCSE exams. Private tutors know how to focus on the child’s weaknesses and develop a personalised plan accordingly. It’s quite an expensive tutoring option, but parents try to provide their children to perform exceptionally well in their exams. 
  • Online Tuition has improved a lot in the past few years. It has introduced new tutoring methods and advanced techniques. Many parents prefer it as it is more convenient, affordable, accessible and interesting for children. Online learning also includes learning games and songs. Most of the online learning resources are free. 

These are options that parents opt for their children for GCSE English tutoring in High Wycombe. Parents choose one of these options, which suits them best. 

Things to know Before Hiring a GCSE English Tutor in High Wycombe!

Some parents don’t take any risk when it comes to a child’s education. They prefer to hire a well qualified GCSE tutor. There are some things that every parent should consider before hiring a GCSE English tutor in High Wycombe.

Qualified Tutor

Make sure the tutor you hire is a well qualified and experienced GCSE teacher. You can’t let an inexperienced tutor deal with your child’s GCSE preparation. The tutor should have extensive experience in teaching GCSE courses. A qualified and expert tutor doesn’t waste time. They know how to carry out a personalised plan to keep the child on track. 

Decide a Timetable/Routine

There has to be a proper plan or routine which is suitable for the tutor and the child. Parents should decide with the tutor which time is suitable for tutoring. Address all the concerns regarding tutoring and also tell the tutor about the child’s learning needs beforehand. Add regular breaks to the routine to keep the child fresh. 

DBS Check

Before hiring a tutor, you need to check DBS. Make sure the tutor has a clean criminal history and has never been convicted for anything. It’s important for your child’s security and safe learning. 

Ask For a Trial

If you want to make sure that the tutor you’re going to hire is right for your child or not, you ask for a trial. This trial will help you assess the situation and how the child is performing. A couple of weeks will work for you to decide if the tutor and the child get along or not. Most people ask for a trial to ensure the best tutoring for their children.

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