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What is the 12 Plus/13 Plus Exam (Late Transfer Test)?

Do you wish that your child gets a place at grammar school? The 12 Plus/13 Plus Exam can help your child even though they have not passed 11 Plus in the first place. So, parents consider providing their children with a chance to take late transfer tests with the hope of getting into grammar school. However, this blog will tell all about the 12 Plus and 13 Plus late transfer tests.

It isn’t very reassuring for parents when the child misses out on a grammar school place after months of 11 Plus exams preparation. Therefore, they get a chance to fulfil their dreams through a late transfer test for grammar schools later on. Most students decide to continue their studies from an alternative school. However, for children who still want to gain a grammar school place, 12 Plus/13 Plus is a chance for them.

Adnan Khan Tutoring knows how discouraging it can be for a child. However, we support children who wish to get into grammar school through late transfer tests if used in any part of the UK. We provide online 12 Plus and 13 Plus late transfer test tuition with live tutoring classes.

What are the 12 Plus and 13 Plus Late Transfer Tests?

Late transfer tests determine whether the child is suitable to start their Years 8 and 9. You should know that not all grammar schools take these exams. So, if any grammar school near you has this system, you should give it a chance.

When Do Grammar Schools Take 12 Plus/13 Plus exams?

As mentioned earlier, not all grammar schools take these late transfer tests; however, schools conduct these exams under the following cases.

  • Schools have a pass mark for 11 Plus and give admission to only those who achieve that particular score. If the number of students achieving the marks is less than the available seats, then there is a chance that the school will take a late transfer test.
  • Also, if there are no students available to fill the vacant seats, implying the school receives fewer applications than available places.
  • The third case is when some students have left grammar school during their academic year. It leaves some places to fill.

Moreover, it is worth mentioning that there are not as many seats available as there are at the time of 11 Plus admissions. So, your child must have a thorough grammar school entrance exam preparation to win the place.

Adnan Khan Tutoring will help your child practice 12 Plus practice papers and revise the complete 13 Plus exam papers.

Why is tuition necessary for the late transfer test?

Most parents ask, ‘How do I know if my child is suitable for grammar school’? However, it is only possible when your child is well prepared. Students already feel doubtful when they do not pass the 11 Plus. So, an experienced tutor can help them gain confidence to achieve their potential. In that scenario, tuition for grammar schools becomes a must. Children will have more bright chances to ace the 12 Plus/13 Plus exam with appropriate tutoring.

  • Moreover, the syllabus includes reasoning tests and analytical assessments that schools do not teach. To get into grammar school, they must be academically focused and well-prepared. However, only a qualified tutor can ensure suitable late transfer test preparation.
  • These exams focus on assessing the child’s knowledge and suitability to join the grammar school’s years 8 and 9.
  • Another reason for opting for tuition is that there will be many applicants for a few available seats. So, the competition is high, and only those students who are well prepared can win these seats.

At Adnan Khan Tutoring, we have produced exceptional results with 12 Plus/13 Plus online tuition. So, our expert tutors will set your child’s goals and help them achieve them with advanced teaching methods.

Syllabus of 12 Plus/13 Plus Exam!

The core subjects that these exam papers include are Maths, English, Verbal, Non-Verbal Reasoning and Vocabulary. However, some schools may have different structures or approaches to assess the child’s skills. Most schools test the child’s learning abilities in these subject areas.

Adnan Khan Tutoring has prepared all crucial lessons, covering detailed and extensive online practice tests for 12 Plus and 13 Plus exam papers. Moreover, the live tutoring classes are also available in our online 12 Plus and 13 Plus tuition.

Who can take these late transfer tests?

Generally, these tests are for those students who did not get a place at the time of 11 Plus. However, there can be many reasons for missing out. Maybe some students did not take the 11 Plus exams, or some of the children were not well prepared. So, this is a chance for such students to prepare well and gain a grammar school place in Years 8 and 9.

What skills are required for 12 Plus and 13 Plus exams?

As mentioned earlier, different grammar schools have various structures for 12 Plus and 13 Plus exams. However, a child must possess strong skills for Maths problem-solving, English reading and writing, verbal reasoning and non-verbal reasoning.

  • Most schools use exam papers prepared by exam boards, i.e. CEM and GL Assessments. Adnan Khan Tutoring prepares children for all types of exam papers.
  • So, a child must cover all those areas that they have practised at the time of 11 Plus. However, we ensure children are confident when they sit in the exams.

In addition, Adnan Khan Tutoring has developed online mock exam papers, allowing children to practice the exam pattern beforehand.

How to Prepare For the 12 Plus/13 Plus Exam?

We have already written a detailed guide to help your child prepare for the 11 Plus exams. However, the following are some crucial tips to help in 12 Plus and 13 Plus exams preparation.

Early Revision 

Experts suggest starting early revision when preparing for 12 Plus and 13 Plus late transfer tests. However, it will help children fill the learning gaps and improve their academic skills. The earlier the child starts, the more time they will have to enhance their skills and revise the core lessons.

Proper Timetable

The timetable has a critical role in the study process and exam preparation. So, create a suitable plan and ensure your child’s involvement in the whole process. Moreover, add break times in the timetable because a child should not feel overwhelmed. Mental health and interest is important for a thorough 12 Plus and 13 Plus preparation. So, it is your responsibility not to overdo and keep the child’s excitement in preparing for the late transfer test.

Use Various Teaching Styles

There are various exciting teaching methods that you can use to make learning more exciting for your child. So, you can mix up the methods, including auditory, kinaesthetic and visual. Moreover, using flashcards can also improve the preparation process.

Consider 12 Plus and 13 Plus Tuition

You may not be as effective in your child’s exams preparation. However, providing your child with the learning opportunity from experts can be a lot better. So, you should consider hiring a private tutor or online tutor who has experience helping children through late transfer tests.

How does Adnan Khan Tutoring help?

Adnan Khan Tutoring prepares students from all over the UK in online tuition with live tutoring classes. The exams are very competitive. Therefore, we have prepared online tuition with a collection of online practice tests.

Moreover, we cover all those resources that are an integral part of the 11 Plus exams. Your child will learn from tutors in the live classes and clear their concepts. On top of that, we regularly provide homework and revision activities to ensure children practice all lessons.


The 12 Plus/13 Plus exam is crucial, and preparing for these late transfer tests is necessary. However, Adnan Khan Tutoring has everything that ensures your child is well prepared for their late transfer tests. With expert tutors, we help students gain a place in grammar school.

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