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Adnan Khan Tutoring, Online Tuition Centre With Advanced Learning Methods!

During the lockdown, many tutoring agencies came up to bring some changes. We also came up with new ideas. As with an experience of more than 20 years, we know that you cannot make the child master the skills and build up the confidence overnight.

Schools have reopened after the first lockdown and parents were worried about what to do next. The child’s learning has been affected so severely. What solution do they have for the loss of learning during the lockdown?

Pay-as-you-go one-off tuition option came up. It sounds good but is it effective or not?

We’re living in an uncertain time, and the flexibility of pay-as-you-go off-one tuition services may seem captivating, but think of yourself. Do you want this type of flexibility? Adnan Khan Tutoring believes in routine, plans and strategies which are achievable. We help people get better and remind them that there is not any shortcut to success.

We believe your children deserve more attention to their goals. 

The main goal of us is to help you get the actual flexibility you need for you and your child. Adnan Khan Tutoring does not provide a pay-as-you-go tutoring service. The company offers you with other flexible options, including affordable registration or membership and online courses with two weeks of a free trial.

Keeping the uncertainty of the current time, we want to help your child with better learning options, not with a fixed contract. We offer you monthly memberships which give what you need at the moment. You can change or cancel the membership whenever you want. The plus point of this monthly plan is providing you with a routine and allowing you to build a healthy relationship with your tutors. We are here to get you the best learning experience! 

Why do we offer monthly or yearly membership, not pay-as-you-go tuition services?

We believe that learning is more effective when you keep at it. Just like a marathon, it takes you longer to achieve your goals! You cannot train yourself in one go; you keep practising until you become a champion, even till you retire. Similarly, it applies to tutoring as well. Nobody is born as an expert, and nobody is born good at Maths, English or Science. Everything takes practise either it is about becoming a Maths expert or expert pianist. You need to give time and more than anything, a love of learning and a perfect teacher to motivate you when things become challenging.

Practice makes you perfect at anything!

Let us explain why it happens. It is all about consistency. The regular and frequent practising helps your child remember the learning, enabling them to pick up from where they have left off at a fast pace. You can get success through consistent hard work and patience, not by acting carelessly and hastily. Now we are sure that we have got the solution to the problem of helping your child within your busy lifestyle. How would you respond if we told you that we could provide you with flexibility, a chance to let your kid learn in a comfortable environment and get everything they have aimed? I am sure you’d prefer to choose Adnan Khan Tutoring.

We are more than a tutoring company, unlike other tuition providers. We make sure with our membership that your child keeps on learning even after finishing the online lessons or quizzes. We help them learn on their own, independently. A child can access our online courses at any time from anywhere. Make your child practise our online quizzes more often to get better at learning. The child has access to their registered courses 24 hours a day.

With us you can have;

  • Best learning resources online
  • Feedback report for your child’s performance
  • Better relationship with the tutors
  • Live lessons and homework

Why should you trust us? Teachers and parents highly recommend Adnan Khan tutoring.

What do you get from us?

  • We provide the people with a FREE TRIAL beforehand, so they can gauge the performance of the child and get a free feedback report.
  • We are offering a large number of online courses including English, Maths, Science, 11 plus, GCSE and A levels for different years.
  • We have online courses at affordable prices and currently offer a discount on different online courses due to coronavirus as well.
  • We have live classes for different year groups. The company hired qualified online tutors with professional tutoring backgrounds.
  • If you like to subscribe to us, then register here and check out our youtube channel.
  • If you need more information on helping your child; contact us on the number shown below. You can also send us a message on WhatsApp, and one of our staff members will get back to you straight away.

[email protected]

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