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Tips for helping the child in learning during lockdown!

As the schools shut for an unknown time due to coronavirus, parents should learn tips and tricks to help their children with homeschooling. For many parents, it will take a lot of efforts to do so. Teachers are professionals and well trained. It is a challenging job for parents to keep up with the children’s education.

In this blog, we are going to help parents with some pro tips and tricks to help the child with homeschooling. Try to practice these tips, and you will be able to teach the kids at home without going crazy.

Develop a routine!

A sense of routine is one of the pro things that school helps to develop in a child. They wake up and start their day with breakfast, putting the uniform on, and go to school. In school, the child takes class, a break, a class, lunch, and so on. It is a routine which helps the child a lot. It’s a pro tip to increase productivity. It is assisting especially for the kids who might find their attention wavering. With routine, the child knows what tasks to do in the day; it helps the child to focus on one task at a time. In this way, teaching the child becomes easier for the parents.

Don’t be rigid – be flexible!

Parents have to be careful about making the routine; it should not be too rigid. We all know it’s a challenging situation and new for both parents and child. Do not worry if you struggle to manage the things at the start. Some experienced parents who have been homeschooling the kids for years say that the only way to work it well is by being flexible, not rigid. This approach means that parents should fit the child’s education around their needs. Try to be calm and open-minded.

Use a creative approach!

You don’t have to follow the typical approach with a textbook in hand. The child will get bored and lose interest. Please take it as an opportunity to make learning a little different from the school’s learning. You could help them in calculating the amounts for ingredients by baking something. It will help them in learning Maths.

Similarly to teach them Biology you could go to the garden and help them analyse the creatures or birds. You can think of more creative ways to make homeschool learning engaging for the kids. Online learning games are also a useful source of knowledge.

Online Tutoring!

You can get tired of being an excellent tutor to your child, but that’s perfectly normal. You can hire an online tutor for your child if you think it will help. There are many online tutors available in the UK to support your child with different subjects. You can also register or subscribe to your child with some best online tutoring platforms. Online tutors take online classes with software applications; some use an interactive whiteboard and video calling.

Following are also some essential tips for parents!

  • Gauge your child’s progress and input! It’s essential to seek the child’s input in learning at home. Parents must know on what level the child is right now, and they should change their teaching methods accordingly. It would help a lot to keep going successfully on the right track of homeschooling.
  • Relax your child’s mind! Take regular breaks during learning at home. It will refresh the child’s mind and also your’s. These frequent breaks improve the child’s memory and keep them focused on learning as well. In such breaks, you can change the environment or ask them to take a deep breath and fresh air.

Make learning fun! While teaching your child, you must know that you’re still the parents, not their teachers, so try to make things light and fun at home. Think of it as an opportunity to spend quality and fun time with your child even when you’re teaching.

How can parents support the child in coronavirus?

In this situation, things have gotten worse. Learning has come in various ways in this dire situation. Some children are happy to learn as advised by the schools, and some cannot help it at all. Parents have started thinking about different teaching methods that suit best to the child. We have put together some ideas.

  • Keep their interests: At some point, you’ll notice that the child is not responding well; it means the child has lost interest. It’s a normal thing that the child gets bored with the same routine. Keep motivating them.
  • Make them learn and practise the lessons with their classmates through video call or by sitting together.
  • You can take the help of music. Scientists have proved that students perform well academically who like to play musical instruments.
  • You can also help the child with online apps and youtube videos.
  • Some of the parents believe that martial arts training is also suitable for students to concentrate while learning.
  • Reach out to friends for help! There should not be any embarrassment in asking for help if you’re struggling to provide your child with a unified learning experience in this scenario. You need your friends now more than ever. Do not risk your child’s education by not reaching out to others. You can have multiple options and suggestions from people around you.
  • Meeting with friends: You could also help your child to take an interest in learning by allowing them to meet their friends and participate in different exercises by maintaining a proper distance. It would do wonder for your child’s education.
  • Take an expert’s advice! Whatever you do to help your child, you would still be the parents. Ask the tutors who are professionals and well qualified. They would guide you to help your child in learning during covid.

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