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Year 8 English Tutors and Tuition in High Wycombe

Year 8 is an important academic year for students as it provides the foundation for GCSE. We provide an exceptional online year 8 English tuition in High Wycombe with 20 years of experience. Our qualified Year 8 English tutors in High Wycombe know how to carry a perfect tutoring plan to help children achieve their goals. We offer an exclusive range of Year 8 English lessons in our online tuition. You can trust us if you’re looking for a private English tutor for year 8 in High Wycombe, with the privilege of learning from a safe environment in this pandemic.

Adnan Khan Tutoring has helped hundreds of students with their studies since 2001 in High Wycombe. We are one of the best tutoring companies in the UK, providing a hi-tech online tutoring platform. The students can easily sign up for our Year 8 English tuition in High Wycombe and across the UK at an affordable pricing structure. All our online courses follow the National Curriculum guidelines, and our tutors are well experienced with online tuition.

Lessons That We Cover in Our Online Year 8 English Tuition

All our online lessons are well structured and organised. Parents and teachers across the UK recommend our Year 8 English tuition in High Wycombe. Year 8 English course is divided into different sections. The first section includes comprehension exercises of year 8 English which help the child with their reading and analytical skills. The second section is based on Reading lessons including, Fiction and nonfiction, Fact, opinion and bias, Meaning and themes, Values and emotions, Setting and atmosphere, Characterisation and more year 8 lessons. The third section covers formal and informal English, and the last section includes Shakespeare’s lessons.

How is our Year 8 English Tutoring Platform in High Wycombe different?

At Adnan Khan Tutoring, we offer unique and advanced year 8 English tutoring ,with a hi-tech online platform. With us, you can have;

  • A two-week free trial
  • Weekly Assessments
  • Regular Feedback to parents
  • One-to-one and live group classes
  • Online tutors with British qualifications

For more information, please send us a message on the live support.

Year 8 English Content


  • Fiction and non-fiction
  • Fact, opinion and bias
  • Meaning and themes
  • Values and emotions
  • Setting and atmosphere
  • Characterisation
  • Action and mood
  • Narrative viewpoint
  • Persuasive language
  • Tone
  • Figurative language
  • Structure
  • Nouns and pronouns
  • Adjectives
  • Reading the SATs passages
  • Writing
  • Purpose and audience
  • Word choice: vocabulary and meaning
  • Qualifiers
  • Making sense: clauses and punctuation
  • Colons, semicolons and dashes
  • Passive sentences, tenses, ambiguity

Formal and informal English

  • Paragraphing
  • Structuring a story
  • Telling the story: narrative devices
  • Commentary, description and dialogue
  • Inform, explain, describe
  • Persuade, argue, advise
  • Analyse, review, comment
  • Spelling: vowel rules
  • Plurals, verbs and apostrophes
  • Prefixes, suffixes and homophones


  • Shakespeare’s world
  • History, comedy, tragedy
  • Plot and themes in a tragedy
  • Plot and themes in a comedy
  • Plot and themes in a history
  • Characterisation in a tragedy
  • Characterisation in a comedy
  • Characterisation in a history
  • Shakespeare: writing in role
  • Shakespeare’s language
  • Directing scenes

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Formal and informal English

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