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Year 11 Maths Tutors in High Wycombe

Year 11 is the last year of secondary school, and key stage 4. In year 11, the students take GCSE exams which need a lot of preparation. A child cannot prepare for the final GCSE exams on their own. Maths is a tough subject, and the GCSE Maths curriculum includes advanced topics. The chances increase if they hire year 11 Maths tutors who can help them through their GCSE exams. Some parents prefer private tutors for year 11 in High Wycombe to provide the child one-to-one learning setup for better preparation. We strictly follow the national curriculum guidelines. All our lessons cover the year 11 maths curriculum.

Adnan Khan Tutoring is a well-reputed tutoring company with a hi-tech online learning platform, using the latest tutoring methods and technology. We are the best provider of Year 11 Maths tuition in High Wycombe and across the UK. All tutors are qualified teachers with excellent professional background who cover all year 11 Maths lessons in live one-to-one and group classes. They provide feedback and weekly reports to the parents. You can take a free trial for two weeks before subscribing to our Year 11 Maths tutoring. We offer affordable Year 11 Maths tuition, offering discounts on different occasions.

What do we offer in our Year 11 Maths tuition?

We cover an exclusive variety of year 11 maths lessons in our online tuition. Our Year 11 Maths course is divided into different sections based on their characteristics. These sections include algebra, numbers, shape, measures and space, handling data, exam practice tests (calculator and non-calculator), and a few mini-tests, like mock tests. Adnan Khan Tutoring never compromises on the quality of services. We have more than 20 years of experience in providing supplementary afterschool education.

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