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Educational Gifts for Children, educational gift, learning gift for children, educational games, learning toys

The Best Educational Gifts for Children: Giving The Gift of Learning!

Are you still stuck on deciding an educational gift for your child this Christmas? Looking for something long-lasting and more exciting? Adnan Khan Tutoring has gathered amazing ideas of some good educational toys to improve your child’s learning process.

We have some great gift ideas that will stimulate, excite and inspire growing young minds. You will learn about the types and benefits of learning gifts.

Types of Educational Gifts

Educational Gifts for Children, educational gift, learning gift for children, educational games, learning toys

Parents can choose learning toys that encourage learning and lay the core foundation in their academics. These gifts include educational books, instruments, interactive toys, different kits and various games. You are going to learn about the different educational gifts and how they will benefit your child’s learning.

Why do Kids need Educational Toys?

Children like fun and challenges. What could be better if you include games in their learning process. Building a solid foundation in the early stages becomes easier with learning through play. Educational toys play a requisite role in the child’s academic success.

The research has shown that learning becomes more appealing and successful through games, toys and different educational activities.

It develops a feeling of joy, stimulates the child to find the purpose of the learning, promotes active and involved contemplation, and enhances problem-solving and social synergy.

Are there any Benefits of Educational Toys?

Educational Gifts for Children, educational gift, learning gift for children, educational games, learning toys

Educational toys always benefit a child’s learning process. Companies have developed many smart toys for kids to restore learning at different academic levels. Following are the patent benefits of top education toys:

  • Toys increase memory and allow children to be more creative.
  • Children tend to be more attentive and motivated to win.
  • Toys improve the child’s reasoning, language and communication skills.
  • One of the significant benefits is the development of decision-making and problem-solving skills.
  • Children get a more profound perception of the world around them.

What are the Best Educational Gifts for Children?

Learning is a gift, and you should always promote the gift of learning to enhance skills. Learning through play theory plays a crucial role in developing core educational skills among children.

Here are some types of toys that ignite the passion for learning in kids:

  • Toy Building

Educational Gifts for Children, educational gift, learning gift for children, educational games, learning toys

Toys that allow children to build and construct provide the best educational play. Lego and Meccano are examples of such building and construction activities.

  • Nature Tools

    Many kits are available that allow children to have memorable experiences in scientific learning. Nature toys enable children to learn about the ecosystem and other core concepts.

  • Playing Puzzles

Educational Gifts for Children, educational gift, learning gift for children, educational games, learning toys

Puzzles challenge the child’s logical skills. It enhances their skills to find out the pattern and complete the image. It’s considered one of the best toys to entice learning and thinking skills.

  • Reading Books

    Magazine or book reading opens up new learning horizons for children. It encourages them to incite creativity and learn more about the world.

  • Symphonic Tools

    Musical instruments or tools help children practice the tone and rhythm. This learning through play benefits the child’s creative process and unfolds a new set of artistic skills.

  • Engaging Games and Toys

    Kahoot is a learning platform that allows children to learn through games. However, similar to this, many other platforms offer the best learning experience to students through educational video games, extending the child’s learning potential.

  • Educational Trips

Educational Gifts for Children, educational gift, learning gift for children, educational games, learning toys

Educational days out are not games or toys, but it can be the best experience a child can have. Apart from learning through play ideas, visiting zoos, museums, and other historical places is worthy and an excellent addition to the child’s learning.

Recommended Educational Christmas Gifts for Children

Educational Gifts for Children, educational gift, learning gift for children, educational games, learning toys

Games vary from age to age. Therefore, we have put together some toys and games covering different age groups. These toys are suggested through personal experiences and popularity among children and educators suggest some of them as well.

1. Gifts for Young Children

Following are some suggestions for young children who have just started getting to understand the world around them:

  • The ladybird game is worth giving a try. It is a counting game that builds the child’s numbers concept early. In this game, a child learns to match the number of dots on the card with numbers on a dice.
  • Wooden construction toys are the tools that improve hand-eye coordination, problem-solving and construction skills. It allows them to match colours and understand basic numeracy.
  • Catch and count fishing game. This game includes working with wind-up reels and catching patterned and numbered fish. It is an exciting learning toy for children.
  • If you have not decided on a new year gift yet, then give them a book collection. Introduce them to the rhyme through amazing and beautiful stories. You can look for better ones online or gift some of your favourites from childhood.

2. Educational Gifts For 5-Year-Old Children and Above

  • Learning through play in primary school ensures students learn the basic concepts in a fun way. The hungry caterpillar butterfly kit is a toy that allows children to watch caterpillars feeding, growing and metamorphosing into butterflies and then freeing them into nature. It helps them learn about natural processes.
  • Pop to the Shops Board Game – help children acquire knowledge about managing money and giving change. It is a great fun shopping game, best for improving number and counting skills.
  • Dobble – this game demands speed and sharp observational skills. A child needs to find a common symbol in two cards and name it to win this game.
  • Gift your child Magna Tiles – these are magnetic tiles with different shapes to stack and build different colourful castles, homes or anything a child can imagine.

3. Gifts For 8-Year-Olds and Above

  • Top Trumps help children with numeracy, developing strategies, enhancing knowledge on a specific subject. It also improves reading skills, concentration level, aiding memory and fact-finding with social skills development.
  • Gift your child The Week Junior Magazine this Christmas. It will help them know what is happening in the world. The magazine shares exciting news, puzzles and activities for children.
  • Volcano Kit is a National Geographic Science kit that allows children to build their own volcano and learn the whole process.
  • Lego Creative Tool Box will help your child learn how to build and operate the robot. It improves their creative and problem-solving skills.

4. Best Educational Gifts for Teens

  • Harry Potter Cluedo Board Game is a classic game or toy, a perfect gift for Harry Potter fans. It enhances the child’s strategic and problem-solving expertise.
  • Yahtzee Score Pad Board Game is one of the most entertaining and addictive family classics. With strategies, it allows kids to polish their Maths skills, especially probability and risk.
  • The World Game helps the child learn about the world. It covers the cards of all countries with core details. Gift this to your child to improve their geography.
  • Create your own Escape the Room Game in your home. It will enhance the child’s skills, including logic, Maths and language.

We cannot ignore the benefits of toys in a child’s development. Where learning through play enhances the child’s skills, there are also psychological benefits of toys. With such fun activities, you can easily develop a passion for learning in them.

We wish you a great Christmas full of laughter. Adnan Khan Tutoring supports all members, students and their families in learning needs for the next year, 2022. Our committed tutors are always available to listen to your concerns and guide you in the best possible way.

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