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Top 10 Homework Tips To Improve Your Child’s Performance

Dealing with homework can be a lot more tricky than assumed for parents. Some children do not feel comfortable and struggle to find interest in doing homework. Practitioners have suggested some top homework tips for parents to entice children to learn. Parents need to be more careful while helping their children with homework. The lack of interest can result in frustration that limits students from achieving their academic potential. Still, you can avoid such feelings by simply improving the child’s study habits. Homework can be a more engaging and inspiring experience by using effective homework strategies for students.

Why is homework so important in your child’s learning?

Homework plays a crucial role in a child’s learning process as it allows them to revise what they learn in school. A child deeply involved in homework and assignments performs better than students who are not. However, parents are more concerned about how to motivate an uninterested child by looking for different ways to inspire them to do homework. Adnan Khan Tutoring has some homework tips for parents to boost their child’s homework performance, supporting their academic career.

What impact does homework have on the child’s performance?

Homework makes the child’s learning perfect. It also allows them to explore their skills and polish them. As a result, they do well in academics. However, some inexperienced parents struggle to help the child with homework. We help parents who are still finding answers to what motivates a child to do well in school. Students with no interest in homework do not perform up to the mark, making parents more concerned about acquiring homework tips to excite the child.

My child is struggling in school; what do I do? Parents need answers to this question, and we will address this concern in detail.


If you are a parent and wondering how to help your child with homework without doing it for them, you are at the right place. We have narrowed down some best practices and valuable homework tips for parents to deal with middle or high school students.

Make and Follow A Proper Schedule

Students often see homework as a tiring task. It is because they do not have a proper plan or schedule to stick to. However, parents try to help them using their tactics, but that does not work in some cases. You need to help your child plan out their time for homework, activities, play and sleep. You need to know how to make homework fun for your child. Proper scheduling of their time can support you in this challenge.

Practising Time Management

Time management is the key when it comes to learning. You need to ensure your child is focused on the current task. Avoid distractions to help them stay focused on what they’re doing. Parents usually ask, ‘How can I help and encourage my child to learn?’ Here, time management is a key player and can help deal with homework.

Start A Little Earlier

It is one of the reasonable practices suggested by professionals. Children who usually complain about not finding homework exciting will feel at ease when you start helping them with homework a little earlier. Sit with your child and go over the given assignments. Make a list of all the assignments and help complete them one by one. If you start late in the evening, your child will not be able to complete the tasks and will feel overwhelmed.

Review Your Plan Daily

Your child should write down all the homework, assignments and activities given by the teacher. Ask your child to review the plan daily so they know what assignments they need to complete first. Reviewing the schedule will help your child cope up with homework in due time. Also, it is one of the core practices on how to motivate the child to do homework. Your child will use his time effectively when they are clear about what they should do on priority.

Stay Organised

How to finish homework last minute? You will never come to this point if you follow an organised approach in helping your child with homework. Parents helping kids with homework need to organise the child’s learning to avoid distraction. Also, you need to ensure the space is clean and you have got every material or book required near you.

Consult with the Teachers

Parents miss out on essential drills to help the child with homework because the material students learn in school has changed over the years. They should reach out to the mentors and learn homework strategies that teachers follow. Ask about the efficient and eloquent tactics that can help you deal with your child’s homework. Also, make a list of questions and ask the child to take it to their teachers in school. You should seriously take the teacher’s note to parents about homework.

Organise a Group Homework

How do you help and encourage your child to learn? Homework can be more enjoyable when a child learns among peers or in a group of other children. They get a chance to go over the lessons and assignments with their classmates. It can be possible virtually and in-person. It is one of the best strategies to give your child an opportunity to understand the topic by teaching each other and working as a team.

Take a Break if it’s Upsetting the Child

How to do homework when you don’t want to? It is highly advised to take a few minutes break when the child does not want to continue doing homework. They make funny homework excuses but being a parent, you should deal with it. Relaxing the child’s mind will increase their potency. It is considered one of the best practices.

Make Time to Rest

Allow your child to do something they enjoy. It can be an activity at home or extra-curricular games. It will refresh their minds, and they will be more likely to do the homework with enthusiasm. Using time to play and clear the mind will entice your child to do homework.

Consider Online Learning

Online platforms have developed unique online courses, quizzes, and assignments to make learning fun. Help from online tutors can also be a lifesaver. Children can even solve online practice tests independently. A child becomes self-sufficient when you allow them to be. It’s all about regular practising.

Adnan Khan Tutoring understands the homework and its associated challenges. Implementing these homework tips will help your child tackle homework with more endurance and less difficulty.

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