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Find out why students stopped almost all schoolwork during lockdown in the UK!

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The world is going through a lot of crises right now, and coronavirus has done significant damage to the economies and social routines of the people. Each country has been through the lockdown. The UK now has its second lockdown situation right now. It’s been several months that people fear to go out and meet & greet their friends and family. The government has issued strict rules and SOPs for different things. Everybody has to follow these instructions to keep themselves healthy. The second wave of coronavirus has spread across the world. Everything is affected by this virus. Even the developed countries faced a lot of difficulties. Sadly, a significant number of people have lost their jobs around the globe.

Not only the economy and education, but the situation has also made people’s minds worse. A significant number of people had a mental illness like depression, anxiety and overthinking. If it continues like this, we’ll experience a considerable loss of human history.

Education and COVID-19!

Schools are also severely affected by this pandemic. All the educational institutions are closed, and a large number of students don’t do any schoolwork in the lockdown.

  • The recent global pandemic has affected the whole world, and everything has shut down. People were not allowed to go outside and meet with their friends and family. Coronavirus has changed the lives of people and work ethics as well. People have lost their jobs, and the situation has got worse throughout the world.
  • If we see in education, all the institutions were closed and still closed in some countries. Parents started to worry about the learning of their kids. Schools have started online classes for the students, but it is not enough.
  • People have to think about other options to help the kids in learning; the online classes are just fine. They need tutoring, as well.

National Crises and School Learning!

As with all national crises, due to coronavirus, the average person is going through the most challenging time. A report of UCL institute of education said that “children eligible for free school meals faced even greater hardship, with 20% lacking access to a computer at home, while only 7% of their peers faced the same problem”. It is tough for them to afford and arrange the things needed for online learning for the kids.

  • If houses have a fast internet connection, it would be best for parents and kids. You can’t have private tutoring and tuition centres in these scenarios. Schools conduct live lectures for their students, but attendance is not satisfactory.
  • Experts say that the generation is lost somehow. The damage is much more significant than people think. Right now, providing better online resources, and an early safe return to schools for as many students as possible, is the priority for the government.
  • There are chances that we may create a lost generation of vulnerable kids. These kids may never manage to catch up with studies. Schools did their best to provide children with the best possible learning resources during the lockdown. The teachers also assign homework to the students. Most homework consisted of assignments, worksheets and watching the lecture videos on different topics.
  • A lot of tutoring companies also helped the community in this dire situation. They have worked hard to provide the kids with online courses at affordable prices.
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Online Learning in the pandemic!

Even before COVID-19, online learning was an excellent resource for students and teachers as well. Now, in the pandemic, it has become beneficial and practical. The online platforms have launched advanced techniques and methods.

  • The new challenge for the students is that they have dispersed, stuck at home, and they introduced to a new way of learning. Online Learning has been a great help to schoolchildren during the lockdown.
  • A large number of students take online classes because of the fast internet connection across the country. So, they have continued learning even in these situations. Online Learning helped a lot.
  • It also has been said in the report that if we had this pandemic years ago, the situation would have been worse than now. The internet connections were slow, and things were not this much advanced. Thanks to technology and human efforts, which made things a lot better and accessible to the people.

Online Platform with affordable online courses!

In High Wycombe, Adnan Khan Tutoring is the only company who has recently launched its online platform with advanced techniques and learning schemes. The company offers a significant number of online courses for different Key Stages and years. The online platform also helps the student with exam preparation like SAT’s, 11plus, GCSE and A-Levels. Adnan Khan Tutoring aims to help the community by offering quality courses at affordable prices, which is why they are offering a discount on online classes/courses due to coronavirus. They also provide you with a free trial before signing up the child for paid courses.

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