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11 Plus Preparation Guide For Parents 2022

Grammar School Entrance Exam 11 Plus Preparation Guide For Parents

With the 11 Plus exam 2022 approaching, parents start looking for different options to provide children with the best preparation for the grammar school exam. However, Adnan Khan Tutoring has written down this detailed 11 Plus preparation Guide for parents about grammar school entrance exams 2022.

This guide will help parents prepare their children to appear in the 11+ exam in September 2022 and start Year 7 at a grammar school after getting high pass marks.

Let’s start with the preparation timeline for the 11 Plus examination.

11 Plus Exams Preparation Timetable

Parents need to know when to apply for the 11 Plus exam 2022 and what are the 11 Plus exam dates. However, they should visit each grammar school they have in mind to start the child’s secondary education phase.

It is crucial to take all precautions before deciding on the school. So, you need to see whether the environment is suitable for your child or not.

  • 11 Plus Registration: Most grammar schools in the UK start their registrations in April or May, with a deadline around June or July, so that parents can register their children for the 11 plus exam. However, these dates can vary from school to school and area to area. So, you should know when to apply for the 11 Plus exam 2022.
  • If we talk about Buckinghamshire, it automatically allows primary school students to enter the 11 Plus exam. However, parents can decide to withdraw their children from sitting in the 11 Plus exam.
  • 11 Plus Exam Dates for 2022: The 11 Plus exams will occur in England and Wales in September. There can be some variability in dates according to school or city.
  • 11 Plus Results 2022: The results for the 11 Plus exam will be announced in mid-October 2022 for different grammar schools. So, keep yourself updated with the results commencement.
  • School Allocation: After the results, your child’s school allocation will be confirmed in March 2023. So, have patience and keep your child motivated.

Grammar school preparation is tricky because there are 164 grammar schools in the UK. With such tough competition, your child needs solid skills in English, Maths and Reasoning. So, learn each detail in this 11 Plus preparation guide for 2022.

What Are Grammar Schools?

These are state-funded schools for secondary education, focusing on quality to achieve academic landmarks. So, grammar schools choose students for Year 7 with an entrance exam called the 11 Plus exam. There are also late transfer tests offered by some grammar schools for Year 8 and Year 9 intakes. So, these late entrance exams are known as 12 Plus and 13 Plus examinations.

As these schools are state-funded, you won’t have to pay the fee. In the UK, we have 164 grammar schools. However, some schools are for boys only, girls only and some are for both. Therefore, your child must be well prepared for the grammar school entrance exam.

Why do we call it a grammar school?

The modern concept of grammar school dates back to the 1944 Education Act. However, it has existed since the 16th century. The original objective of mediaeval grammar schools was to teach Latin.

With time, the curriculum was widened, starting with the inclusion of Ancient Greek and then English, other languages and subjects like Maths, Geography, History and natural sciences. England and Wales began to provide secondary education in the late Victorian era.

The earliest schools linked to monasteries were called scolae grammaticales. These schools were initially established to teach Latin grammar, the language of academia. Thus the name of the school originated from it. . Later on, these schools were called grammar schools.

Why Do People Prefer Grammar Schools?

As you know, these schools select students of high academic abilities through the grammar school test, called the eleven plus exam. Moreover, it gives an excellent opportunity for teachers to challenge the students’ skills to promote progressive learning with a comprehensive learning approach in secondary school years.

  • Highest Performing Schools: The quality of education provided in grammar school is top tier. Hence, it ensures that children are well prepared and perform exceptionally well than students of other secondary schools.
  • Top GCSE and A-Levels Results: Grammar schools deliver outstanding results with a high-quality education for KS3 and KS4 from qualified teachers.
  • Social Mobility: The records and reports show that grammar schools produce students with successful careers who significantly impact different walks of life.

What Is The 11 Plus Examination?

It is the most important question in this 11 Plus preparation guide. So, it is one of the most competitive entrance exams for children who take it at the beginning of primary school, Year 6. Therefore, parents start grammar school entrance exam preparation to help their children.

If you are wondering when the 11 Plus exam is in 2022, it will be taken by students in September.

Subjects To Practise in 11 Plus Preparation

The exam content is different for different schools and areas, but 11 Plus exam papers share the same subjects, including 11 Plus Maths, English, 11 Plus Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning.

  • 11 Plus English course covers core lessons covering sentence completion, comprehension and topics focusing on grammar, punctuation and vocabulary.
  • Your child needs to have a strong grip on solving arithmetic, word problems, timetables and other KS2 Maths lessons to prepare for 11 Plus Maths exam papers.
  • Spatial reasoning, code finding and other lessons are covered in 11 Plus Non-Verbal reasoning lessons to increase a child’s analytical skills.
  • 11 Plus Verbal reasoning tests require students to be good at solving code sequences, missing letters, related words, antonyms and other questions.

Who Develops The 11 Plus Exams Papers?

There are generally two 11 Plus examination boards, GL Assessment and CEM. However, some schools prefer to prepare their own 11 Plus exam papers to test the child’s knowledge and criteria for the entrance exam. So, we have explained these boards to guide parents for 11 Plus preparation.

1. GL Assessment’s 11 Plus papers cover Maths, English, and Verbal and Non-Verbal reasoning questions. So, grammar schools choose a combination of these papers to develop particular selection criteria for pupils. Regions follow GL Assessment:

  • Dorset
  • Kent
  • Northern Ireland
  • Wiltshire
  • Buckinghamshire
  • Lancashire & Cumbria
  • Lincolnshire
  • Plymouth

2. CEM developed 11 Plus exam tests that usually cover verbal, non-verbal and numerical reasoning. Verbal reasoning covers different questions to help children in the 11 Plus English exam. Similarly, numerical reasoning skills are tested in the 11 Plus Maths exam. Regions follow CEM:

  • Berkshire
  • Bexley
  • Birmingham
  • Warwickshire
  • Wirral
  • Wolverhampton
  • Medway
  • Gloucestershire
  • Shropshire
  • Walsall

However, most schools prefer to prepare 11 Plus exam papers using the combination of CEM and GL Assessment to have better selection criteria that cover all aspects of Maths, English and other reasoning and logical skills.

Some regions use the GL Assessment and the CEM combination for 11 Plus exams, which are:

  • Devon
  • Essex
  • Trafford
  • Yorkshire
  • Hertfordshire

When To Start 11 Plus Revision?

There is no ideal time to start revision for the 11 Plus exams. However, it depends on different factors, including your child’s current knowledge. Some children are quick, and some take more time to practise 11+ exam papers and develop the required skills.

  • It is better to start several months before with regular 11 Plus tuition from experienced 11 Plus tutors. As a result, they will build strong skills to shape their 11 Plus exam performance.
  • Moreover, you can help your child starting from Year 3 with regular practice of core subject areas. You will need 11 Plus guidance and suitable tuition for grammar schools.
  • While having 11 Plus exam preparation figured out, you can help your child with daily homework to build confidence. It will increase their grades in the final 11 Plus results.

Always seek a proper 11 Plus preparation guide to create a perfect and tailored plan to prepare your child for the 11 Plus exam. You can always book a free assessment at Adnan Khan Tutoring.

Why Should I Hire an 11 Plus Tutor to Prepare For the Entrance Exam 2022?

Some parents take the 11 Plus preparation into their hands and use different available 11 Plus practice papers, books or past papers. On the other hand, some do not take any chances with the child’s preparation for the 11 Plus exams. So, they hire a qualified 11 Plus tutor.

  • Hiring an 11 Plus tutor can benefit your child because they are experienced teachers who know the drill to achieve the best results.
  • At Adnan Khan Tutoring, we have professional tutors who start 11 Plus tuition with an initial assessment. They see where your child stands to take the 11 Plus exams. After that, we take them to learn, practice and revise all lessons in live 11 Plus tutoring classes, one-to-one and group.

What if my child does not pass the 11 Plus exams in 2022?

Your child might fail to crack the 11 Plus examinations for 2022 with distinction. If they had some other reasons for not being able to pass the 11 Plus, they can have a chance with the late transfer tests called 12 Plus and 13 Plus exams.

I hope this 11 Plus preparation guide will help. You can contact customer support or call us for further information regarding the 11 Plus exam preparation.

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