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Help Your Child With Maths Tuition In High Wycombe

High Wycombe, in Buckinghamshire is a bustling town of over 120,000 people. High Wycombe has some of the best Schools in the UK. With three top tier Grammar Schools such as Wycombe High School, John Hampden Grammar School and the Royal Grammar School, the competition to get in is tough. Families from all around High Wycombe are desperate to get their children to pass their 11 plus exams for entry.

The 11 Plus exam is not an easy exam to pass. There is stiff competition and the 11 Plus Maths paper is a difficult one to master.

Maths in general is a difficult subject for children to comprehend, whether it’s GCSE Maths or Key Stage 1, 2 and 3 Maths. As Maths is a compulsory subject, most exams will include Maths, whether it’s the SATS exams or GCSE Maths, the urge to pass these exams is becoming ever more evident in this globalised world that we live in.

Why do Students struggle in Maths?

1. Maths has lots of topics and components. Schools tend to speed through the Maths curriculum because there is so much to cover over a short period of time. Some children may not be able to keep up with the intensity of the syllabus.
2. Mathematics has lots of terms and vocabulary such as Indices, Algebra, perpendicular, transformations etc. If a child does not understand any of these terms or does not keep up pace with the work, they could become lost within the system. Catching up in Maths is not always easy.
3. Schools within High Wycombe are typical of Schools everywhere in the UK that have class sizes of over 30 students. With so many children in a class, all at varying levels of ability, it’s difficult for the teacher to teach and children to understand and cope in a class that come with other distractions.
4. Students in general do not spend enough time studying and practising Maths at home. This could be due to the fact that Maths is seen as a dull and boring subject, just full of numbers, with little worded knowledge. With a lack of practise outside School hours, Students will eventually fall behind Mathematics.
5. Recently there has been a change in the National Curriculum and whether it’s Key stage 3 Maths or GCSE Maths, the subject has got much harder. A lot of children who have grown up studying the older version of Maths within Primary Schools are now finding it hard to cope at Secondary Schools.
6. The link between textbook Maths and Exam questions is always difficult. Some Children find it difficult to apply textbook Maths to exam questions. This is where a lot of parents seek the help of a Maths Tutor to help their children.

How to help your Child in Maths

1. First of all, parents will need to commit to taking out some time. It’s difficult for busy parents to find the time to sit down with their children but that’s sometimes exactly what is needed. Helping out your child with some Maths homework from School can make all the difference.
2. Parent, child relationship tends to get in the way sometimes and parents find it a struggle to motivate their kids. If this really is the case then you may consider some Maths Tuition for your child by hiring a Maths Tutor to take over the responsibility. High Wycombe has an abundance of Maths Tutors that can help.
3. Buy some Maths revision guides such as CGP Maths books in 11 Plus Maths or GCSE Maths that will cover the entire Maths curriculum and break down concepts and formulas. Students can use these books as a resource for research they don’t understand.
4. Maths should be made fun. It’s important for children to know how important Maths is in our every day lives. Role-plays, puzzles and online Maths games are some of the resources children can use for help.
5. Liaise and communicate with the School more often by getting regular feedback on your child’s Maths progress. Ask the School to give some intervention lessons for your child as an added measure.

As mentioned before, High Wycombe has some of the best Grammar Schools in the country producing some great results, however, like most other areas High Wycombe has it’s fair share of challenging Schools as well. In these Schools students tend to perform at a much slower pace compared to their Grammar School rivals and have more disparity within the skills range amongst students.

Maths Tutoring in High Wycombe

Whether a child needs polishing off in certain areas of Maths or needs urgent help in catching up, Maths Tutors and Maths Tuition Centres in High Wycombe are increasing in popularity. Some students need a little more personal attention in Maths and it’s not a shame to ask for help. If Mathematics help can be applied at an earlier stage the better. Parents seem to prefer the option of hiring a qualified Maths tutor for their children.

What kind of Maths Tuition is available in High Wycombe?

1. Online Maths Tutoring is becoming very popular, as students and parents do not need to drive to the Tutor and spend time in the traffic. Online Maths Tuition will involve a live Tutor providing a Maths lesson via a learning platform. The student will need a computer or laptop with headphones.
2. Face to face tutoring, whereby a Tutor will come to your house or you can go to the Tutors house to learn Maths.
3. A Tuition Centre where Maths is taught usually in small groups and student interaction is sometimes encouraged for building confidence.
4. Maths tuition is available for 11 Plus, SATS, all Key Stages and GCSE Maths.

What to look for in a Maths Tutor in High Wycombe?

If you do decide to go for professional Maths help for your child, then there are certain things you should research and look for when hiring the right tutor:

1. Make sure the tutor is well educated to degree level. A detailed education means tutors should abode well and have a deeper knowledge in Maths.
2. Your child’s safety is paramount, so check with the Tuition Company or the Tutor to make sure they have a clean criminal record and are not on the Disclosure and Barring Service.
3. Ask the Maths Tutor what their specialism is in and what topics they are confident in tutoring. Some Tutors are hesitant when it comes to tutoring older children due to a lack of experience and knowledge. So if your child is in year 10, then advise the Tutor that you are looking for GCSE Maths preparation.
4. Request a free trial to check if your child will fit in and adapt to the Tutor confidently. If the trial goes well then organise a mutually acceptable time for both parties.

As you can see there are various ways to help your Child in Maths in High Wycombe. Mathematics is part of our world and we cannot function without it. People on a daily basis, a number of times use maths whether we know it or not. You’re either good at Maths or not and there is no point risking your Child’s future taking a risk.

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