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11 Plus Exam Paper

How to Prepare your Child for 11 plus English Exam Papers?

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Parents try their best to provide the kids with quality education. They know the competition is getting stiffer. Every child needs extra time to spend on their studies to ace the exams. The subjects got challenging with the changes in the National Curriculum of the UK. We are here to discuss 11 plus exams and how we prepare well for 11 plus English exam papers.

11 plus exam is an entrance exam taken by students in year 6 – the last year of primary school. Year 6 is a crucial year for students as they take SATS exams and 11 plus exams this year. Students who take 11 plus exams, usually aged around ten years. It is an essential exam of the student’s academic career, and parents are very well aware of it. 

The grammar schools are state secondary schools, and they take 11 plus as an entrance exam for year 7. There are 164 grammar schools in England all together. All the parents want their kids to get into these state grammar schools because they provide top quality education and better facilities than other schools; they also charge no fee. 

11 plus is not part of the National Curriculum, and schools don’t teach 11 plus. Most schools think that students should take 11 plus exams without much practising. We know the importance of 11 plus exams because acing this exam could get the child a grammar school place. Parents prefer to prepare their kids for this exam, some start preparing their kids at home, and some hire professional 11 plus tutors. In recent years, we have seen that 11 plus exams have got more challenging because of the high percentages results and students’ excellent preparations. 

The syllabus of 11 plus exam includes Maths, English, Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning. The test structure varies according to the counties in England. Usually, 11 plus exam papers are prepared by GL Assessments and CEM.

11 plus English exam papers!

English is a compulsory subject, and 11 plus English test papers include a significant portion of it. Most people hire 11 plus English tutor to help out their kids with difficult or core areas of the subject. English also gets tricky sometimes.

11 plus English test papers include comprehension, spellings, punctuation and sentence completion. Most of the tutoring companies offer online 11 plus English exams preparation courses as well.  

Parents need to be extra careful when it comes to preparing their child for 11 plus exams. They need to make a thoughtful decision about providing the best possible 11 plus tutoring to their kids. 

How can you provide the best 11 plus English exams preparation to your child?

Many tutoring companies provide online tutoring for 11 plus English covering each critical topic included in the exams. Some best tutoring sites only offer 11 plus preparation online courses. 

Parents can also help their kids at home, but they need to be more careful and develop a good relationship. If you’re strict and scold your child more often, it will not be helping at all. Parents should set a friendly relationship and keep the environment light. 

  • If you’re helping your child at home with 11 plus English test papers, you need to do a little homework by yourself before you start preparing your child.
  • Take some advice from professional 11 plus tutors and gather 11 plus practice papers or worksheets. You cannot just start tutoring your child right away. You have to do some work beforehand. 
  • Do not let your child lose interest and try to use exciting learning methods. There is no use of your hard work if your child gets bored. Take regular breaks and let them play for a while. It will help the efforts you are putting in your child’s 11 plus English exams preparation. 
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Take 11 plus mock exams, so the child gets to experience the 11 plus exams environment. Ensure that your child gets familiar with the 11 plus exam before they appear into the final 11 plus exams. 

11 plus tutors are also available in the UK, but an average person may not afford private tutoring. Online 11 plus tutoring is the best option if we consider the cost and the current COVID-19 situation. There are some sites which can help you hire the best online 11 plus tutors near you. Following are the things that parents should keep in mind when hiring the 11 plus tutor. 

  • Prefer the qualified 11 plus tutors because the experienced tutor knows how to handle the students and the best teaching methods. 
  • Also, make sure that the tutor you hire doesn’t have any criminal history and never had done any illegal activities – it ensures your child’s safety. 
  • Try to hire a local 11 plus tutor who also teaches online. It’s better for your convenience. 

11 plus English exam papers in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire!

As we know, High Wycombe has some of the best grammar schools in the UK, and they all take 11 plus exams in September and October. Due to a large number of candidates each year, competition is tough, and the local tuition centres provide 11 plus tuitions. 

Our company has its centres in High Wycombe and has experience of more than 20 years. We provide you with the best 11 plus English exam papers in Buckinghamshire. 

With us you can get;

  • One of the best online 11 plus learning resources
  • Regular feedback report on your child’s performance
  • A professional and healthy relationship with the tutors
  • Live lessons, Assessments and homework

We provide you with a free trial of two weeks and offer a free assessment. Adnan khan tutoring is the best tutoring company with the hi-tech online learning platform with advanced tutoring methods. Our qualified and professional tutors take regular online classes for different key stages and help their students prepare well for 11 plus English exam papers. 

If you need more information regarding 11 plus exam preparation, reach out to us at the following number.

[email protected]

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