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How you Can Give your Child a Head Start in Online Maths Tutor

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Fractions, trigonometry, algebra, Pythagoras, and decimals may seem like simple Mathematics terms, but they generate nervousness and unease amongst many children in reality.

Whether your Child is studying the new Primary school syllabus in key stage one and Key stage two Maths or are further ahead in Secondary school learning, key stage three or GCSE Maths; the issues are very much the same. Many students will struggle with Mathematics at some point in their lives, and not all students have access to a Online Maths Tutor

Reasons Children struggle in Maths Tutor

Maths can become an unknown subject when students do not ask for help. In Maths, a tutor or teacher will introduce a topic; mathematical skills are applied with practice and repetition. Appropriate feedback then takes place. If anything within the process goes amiss or the student has not mastered the topic or asked for help, it is highly unlikely they will be able to apply those skills on an exam paper.

If you don’t understand the Maths vocabulary, you can get lost. There are many mathematical terms, such as sum, quotient, multiples, factors, centilitres, etc. A student can quickly lose track, especially when teachers do not have much time to spend on terms due to time constraints.

Do not practice enough. Many students do not practice and revise Maths enough at home. This could be because they are not sure what is in their School syllabuses or they just cannot contemplate learning such a boringly and challenging subject. 

In Maths, children need personal attention; every child is on a different level.  Due to large class sizes in the UK, it is tough for a classroom teacher to help every child and it is left to the parents and the students to catch up at home, which not everyone can do. 

Cannot get their heads around exam questions. Whether it’s 11 Plus Maths, SATS exams or GCSE Maths, many students cannot pull together, classroom textbook-based Maths and exam paper based Maths questions.  A good 11 Plus tutor or Online Maths Tutor, for example, will be able to prepare students for final Maths exams. 

How can you Help your Child in Maths Tuition?

Many parents struggle to help their children in Maths due to insufficient time or even the fact that they struggle themselves in Maths and are not used to the new syllabus that covers Key Stage 2 Maths, Key stage 3 Maths and GCSE Maths. A lot of parents find it difficult to tutor their own children due to the parent, child relationship getting in the way and the fact they find it difficult to motivate their own children. 

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There are many revision books and revision guides available in the market, based on Key Stage 2 Maths, which covers all the Maths topics from year 3, year 4, years 5 and 6. Key Stage 3 Maths, covers year 7, year 8 and year 9 Maths. GCSE Maths curriculum covers year 10 and year 11 Maths. These revision guides are beneficial and will give you an A to Z guide of the Maths National Curriculum. 

Parents can find a suitable Maths Tutor to help their child with Maths Tutoring.  Maths Tutors are available in most areas of the UK. Their services range from one to one Maths tuition, group tuition in a Tuition Centre or even Online Maths tuition. A suitably qualified and experienced Tutor can work wonders with your child, building up their confidence and preparing them for exams. 

Learn and tutor your child at the same time. Many parents are wary of time and commitment and may not have considered this before but what a great benefit of exercising your brain while also tutoring your own child in Mathematics and getting closer to their problems. 

 Maths Tutoring

If you decide to get a professional Online Maths Tutor, it’s important to find the right company or Tutor to handle your Child’s Maths challenges. Some students may not need additional help as they may be on track in School, however, their parents will want them to be ahead of School progress and may want them to be polished off in certain areas.

Whether you live in London, Birmingham or Manchester or a small town or village in the UK, a good Tutor may not be too far off especially since online Tutoring is becoming so popular.  

An excellent Maths Tutor or a Tuition centre can assess your child and determine your child’s strengths and weaknesses. The Tutor will then formulate a plan to get your child on track and provide the right form of Maths Tuition. 

Maths Tuition can take any form, depending on your needs and circumstances. Some people prefer One to One Maths Tuition; others prefer a Tuition Centre where their kids can interact with other children. Some prefer online Maths Tutor

. There is no harm in trying out either. 

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It’s always good to test out a Maths Tutor or request a free trial for your son or daughter. This way the student will get a feel of the methods employed by the Tutor and you can make an informed judgement about going ahead. 

What to look out for when employing a Maths Tutor

If you do decide to give your child a head start in Maths and want to search for a Tutor then you should look for the following;

Check with the Tutor if they have experience teaching the Maths curriculum that your child needs.

Check and verify if the Tutor has had Criminal Record Bureau (CRB) checks and is not on the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS). Your child’s safety always comes first. 

Make sure the Tutor has experience in teaching in Schools. Mainstream education builds up a Tutors experience and skills, which they apply later on. 

Check with the Tutor if they have experience in teaching the Maths curriculum that your child has a need in. Some times a Maths tutor can teach Key stage 1 and Key stage 2 Maths but may not be too confident in teaching GCSE or ‘A’ level Maths. 

If you would like regular homework for your child then discuss this at an early stage.

Set a suitable time for Maths Tuition, which will suit the Tutor and your Child. 

There are various ways of helping your child with Maths, whether you decide to set a timetable at home to help your child yourself or purchase some Maths books or even hire the help of a professional Maths Tutor. Any help for your Child could be beneficial. 

If you feel you would like some more in depth advice on helping your Child in Maths or would like some professional Maths Tutoring then fill in the form below with your email address and telephone number and one of our experienced and dedicated staff members will contact you with more details. 

Whether it’s helping your child in 11 Plus Maths, School Maths, SATS, GCSE Maths or just general homework help, give us a call on the WhatsApp number below or send us a quick message on WhatsApp and we will get back to you as soon as we can.


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