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High Wycombe is a vibrant and historic town located in Buckinghamshire. People who don’t live in High Wycombe often overlook its numerous positives, which compel people to live in this town and consider it as a great place.

With a new Leisure Centre and a state of the art Eden shopping Centre, Wycombe has had a significant makeover in recent years. At the same time, the greenery in this town has not vanished. You can get spoilt for choice when it comes to walks and parks.

The competition among secondary schools in Wycombe is hard and different schools battle with each other for gaining the top spots, i.e. regarding their average exam results specifically. Pipers Corner School, John Hampden Grammar School, and Wycombe Abbey School are some notable top-notch secondary schools operating in High Wycombe.

Wycombe Abbey School especially is scoring consistently high in the rankings and rightly so is considered as one of the most prosperous schools in Wycombe.

What is Key Stage 3 Science and who is it for?

KS3 is the standard abbreviation used for Key Stage 3. Key Stage 3 is a legal term, which represents three years of schooling across the region of England and Wales. Key Stage Three schooling covers pupils from age group 11-14 who study at year 7, year 8 and year 9.

Science is an important subject at the KS3 level, and it is compulsory for all students studying at this level to undertake this subject. KS3 Science is included in the National Curriculum and in the list of those subjects, which are compulsory to be studied by all pupils reaching the KS3 level.

All KS3 pupils follow a programme of education in the nine specified areas of the curriculum, which includes science as an essential subject strand.

Physics, chemistry, and biology are three main areas of Science, which students have to study during year 7, 8, and 9. Science holds vitality because it provides a stable base for students while entering into the GCSE level with confidence, knowledge, and understanding.

Why is Key Stage 3 Science support essential for students?

Support for studying KS3 Science is important because it is a relatively difficult subject, which is about nature and behaviour of natural settings.

Science subject involves different dynamics throughout the three years of study, which can be difficult for children to learn and understand.

It is often not easy for children at the KS3 level to adapt to new subjects, classmates, and school. This transition to a new system can be stressful for children while entering the KS3 level. Therefore, the KS3 level has to be an enjoyable experience for children and for this purpose science support makes sense.

When the children enjoy learning and understanding this delicate subject, then they feel less pressure. This means for children to perform well in their academic career, KS3 science subject provides much-needed base and confidence.

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The early teens and pre-teens are the age group where children are vulnerable to anxieties and science subject at KS3 level can drive anxiety. Therefore, children can have a relaxed mind while studying science when support is provided.

The understanding and skills developed at KS3 level help in achieving success at the GCSE level, i.e. with tutor support children can gain scientific knowledge in an enhanced manner.

What qualifications should science Tutors have?

Since science is a difficult subject for many students, the inclusion of biology, chemistry, and physics makes it a diverse subject as well. Due to this reason, tutors have to possess specific qualifications and accepting tutors with general skills can be a big mistake at this level.

Specialized qualifications are essential for tutors because the topics covered in biology, chemistry, and physics during each year are different. For example year 8 biology is different from year 7 biology. Year 7 biology includes topics such as reproduction and cells. Year 8 biology contains topics such as life & death, drugs, and disease. Year 9 biology includes topics such as nervous system and variation.

If a student understands and learns effectively during year 7, only then he/ she can learn and perform well during year 8 when it comes to science subject. Therefore, it is vital that tutors possess relevant subject qualification for being able to maintain continuity.

Only a tutor having specific qualifications can support children at KS3 Science level efficiently when he/she has mastered the particular subject. For example, tutors with a medical background can handle biology properly; engineering students can handle chemistry and physics.

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Advantages of having a Science Tutor in High Wycombe

Hiring a tutor in High Wycombe for KS3 Science serves an important purpose. Your child can feel comfortable while learning and studying science with the help of a tutor because not every child holds the capacity and ability to handle the KS3 level studies on his/her own.

Hiring a tutor in High Wycombe will allow your child to reinforce his/her school learning and that too in a positive and friendly environment where no class pressure exists. This way your child can adequately unleash his/her potential and can enhance his/her chances of obtaining higher grades.

Identification of learning gaps in Science is possible by hiring a tutor and by doing so a real opportunity can be provided to the child for showing his/her actual potential.

Secondary schools in High Wycombe recruit a good number of pupils at the KS3 level and therefore cannot provide individual attention to every student, which can be demotivating for children at the KS3 level. With tutor support, your child cannot only boost his/her confidence but also explore his/her actual potential.

Moreover, tutors can adopt a flexible approach towards style and pace of teaching, which is preferred by the student. This can positively lead to enhanced learning for the child.

Regular feedbacks and progress mapping is a significant advantage in this regard which is highly satisfying for parents as they consistently remain aware of the progress made by their child.

Science Tutor costs in High Wycombe.

Since the market for tutoring is expanding in High Wycombe due to increased competition at KS3 and GCSE level, the costs have also become competitive. A qualified and seasoned tutor can cost from £35 to £80 per hour across the High Wycombe, which is quite expensive.

Do not be alarmed as we are here to help provide a qualified Key Stage 3 Science Tutor at affordable rates. Our service and quality of customer service is so far unmatched. Carry on reading for contact details.

Conclusion and contact us.

Given the issues attached to studying KS3 Science, parents must not compromise on the future of their children on costs, and that’s where we will be able to help you the most. We give preference to experienced and qualified tutors for effective support services.

You have done great by making up your mind to hire an experienced and qualified tutor for your child. We can help you in making your decision valuable and affordable at the same time by cost-effectively facilitating seasoned tutors.

All you have to do is fill out the information form below, and our vigilant and vibrant representatives will be in touch with you as quickly as possible.

If you prefer to call us instead and for a quick turn around service, you are welcome to call us at the number below where one of our customer service representatives will be happy to help you.

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