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High Wycombe is a beautiful town located in Buckinghamshire, which is the ceremonial county of England. Buckinghamshire is also known as Bucks. It borders Greater London to the south-east, Berkshire to the south, Oxfordshire to the west, Northamptonshire to the north. High Wycombe is one of the beautiful towns in Bucks and has so many eye-catching parks, which attract tourists. The local art and furniture exhibited in the High Wycombe museum. It is also known as a large market town of Buckinghamshire.

It was also known as the furniture capital of England due to the chair-making industry.

Festivals and Events!

High Wycombe Arts festival starts in April at different venues in High Wycombe and Buckinghamshire. It has many other and notable events including orchestral and jazz concerts, art exhibitions, theatre productions, talks, storytelling and walks. It has a very diverse culture and represents the true essence of England. The Marathon takes place in July, and the course takes runners through the beautiful West Wycombe Estate. People warmly welcome the Christmas and start preparation in November.

West Wycombe Park is one of the most theatrical and Italianate of all English Country houses. It appeared in many dramas.

Education in High Wycombe!

In education, High Wycombe is very famous for its quality education for each level and Key Stages. There are so many top primary and secondary schools in High Wycombe, which produce high-quality results every year. There is the only university in High Wycombe, called Bucks University. There are different private and public schools available in High Wycombe. High Wycombe colleges are also providing quality education.

The top-notch primary schools include Chepping View Primary Academy, The Downley School, High Wycombe Church of England Combined School and Castlefield School. These outstanding schools are providing the best and quality education in High Wycombe. They offer the best education services for Primary years of school, which are year 1 to year 6. In the last year of primary school, which is year 6; students prepare for 11 plus exams to get their places in the top Grammar Schools.

In the UK, Grammar Schools are state secondary schools. Grammar schools – for those of high academic ability and the intent to go on to Higher Education. Grammar schools select their pupils through a test, known as the 11-plus, which is taken by pupils in the last year of primary school. Most parents want their children to get into a top-notch Grammar school.

Why do parents worry about their children?

  • To get a place in Top Grammar schools is very hard. The competition among students is very tough and different tuition centres provide 11 plus tutoring to help the children. 11 plus exam is not easy.
  • Parents can start preparing your child for 11 plus in year 3 to year 5.
  • They must ensure that a child mustn’t get exhausted or tired before they take 11 plus exams. The ideal time that most of the educationists think is not earlier than year 3.
  • So, take your time and prepare yourself first and then your child.

Most of the parents want their children to get into the top grammar schools like Wycombe High School, John Hampden Grammar School, and The Royal Grammar School. Competition is getting stiff in these top schools for the seats each year. The marks in 11 plus decide for the student which grammar school he/she goes.

It is always best to keep yourself updated on the latest information or selective tests from the following:

  • School where your child is currently Enrolled.
  • Local Education Authority (LEA)
  • Consult the Grammar School for which your child is preparing 11 plus exams.

Closure of Schools in Buckinghamshire

We have experienced the pandemic recently, which made the whole world faced the locked down. In such dire situations, everything has stopped. People were not allowed to travel, meetups and seminars or gathering were also banned. All educational institutions were also closed for several months including primary and secondary schools of High Wycombe. Now, the UK has opened the schools with strict SOP’s; but this pandemic has very much enlightened the value of Online Education.

Due to COVID- 19, online tutoring became the only possible and best solution to continue learning in this environment. Different tutoring companies have introduced online courses. People hire online tutors for different subjects and different kinds of other exam preparations like GCSE, 11 Plus and Alevels.

In High Wycombe, a few best tutoring companies offer necessary and quality online courses for different subjects and exam preparations. The top companies are The Education Centre, Milestone tutoring and the Adnan Khan tutoring.

Online tutoring in High Wycombe by Adnan Khan!

Adnan khan tutoring is well-recognised tuition centre in High Wycombe and has been working with so many partners, publishers and Schools for 20 years. They are providing the best online tutoring as well. They have launched the online tutoring sites a few years back and have got tremendous response from the parents and schools. They offer High Wycombe school courses for students online so that students can learn outside of the school hours as well.

Along providing Maths, English and Science for all key stages, they also offer exams preparation tutoring like GCSE, 11 Plus and A-Levels.

What do we have for you?

  • We offer you free online Non-verbal Reasoning tuition as a FREE TRIAL and a free assessment beforehand, so you can check your child’s strengths and weaknesses and get a free report from us.
  • We also offer online tuition from years 1 to years 11 in English, Maths and Science as well. We cover all formats of syllabuses throughout the UK. You can check out our youtube channel to make your decision easy.
  • We offer you an affordable pricing structure that meets your needs.
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