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How To Help Your Child Revise For SATs – A Guide for SATs Revision 2022

SATs exams are around the edge, and children need to practice their SATs papers and revise them well. Therefore, we came up with some top SATs revisions to make the whole process productive for you. Revising the tests has never been easy, and for most children, it is always a challenge. However, parents need to make it easy by using the positive approaches suggested by education experts.

At Adnan Khan Tutoring, we take full responsibility from covering all lessons and exam papers to boosting their confidence for exams. Therefore, we provide professional support to parents so they can play a crucial role in helping the child through SATs revision. So, it is not only the child who needs to be prepared for their SATs exams; parents also have a key role in this situation.

Your child will take SATs in May 2022, and you may need a good SATs preparation guide for SATs 2022. This blog came up with plenty of core tips to help parents ensure smooth revision for SATs.

Following are some great ideas for parents to encourage a productive and stress-free revision process for Year 2 and Year 6 SATs.

10 Top Tips for Revision of the SATs Papers 2022

SATs preparation is not as easy as it may seem. Therefore, we have some brilliant and valuable ideas to help you make a better revision plan for your child’s SATs exams for Year 2 and Year 6.

1- Be Patient

Where a child will prepare for exams, you also need to get your habits changed to achieve better results. So, it starts with developing patience when it is required. Mainly, at this stage, parents must understand and tolerate the child’s moods while not losing their temper. Therefore, experts suggest that it is essential to keep the learning in a better and friendly environment. A child may get stuck at something, but you need to understand the pressure they are dealing with. So, all you need is to make them feel calm and start over again. Losing patience or temper could affect the revision process.

At Adnan Khan Tutoring, we understand how to prepare your child for SATs using productive approaches while revising the SATs lessons.

2- Promote the Productive Environment

Creating the right and productive learning environment while preparing for SATs is important. So, parents should provide children with a quiet learning space where they do not get distracted or disturbed by external factors like TV or Music. Therefore, choose a place that is ideal for learning. You can even ask your child how they like to study because some children do better with some background noise.

At Adnan Khan Tutoring, our students are provided with live one-to-one and group SATs classes.

3- Set or Schedule Revision Time

The timetable is important for SATs revision. Parents must schedule the time to ensure children practise and revise each lesson. Some children are productive in the morning and some later in the evening. So, make sure your child is fresh when they revise their SATs lessons for Year 2 and Year 6. Another important thing is that parents must do their other work before sitting with the child to help them revise SATs papers.

You also need to add breaks into the schedule because you do not want your child to feel exhausted and lose interest in studying. Therefore, a quick break or activity can effectively keep the SATs revision process.

4- Stay Relax About Chores

Parents need to relax and be lenient with their children even if they see some untidiness and some pending tasks around the house. If you say anything that makes their moods spoiled, it will affect the revision process. So, you need to act mature and stay calm for a while.

After you complete the revision hours of the day, you can ask them politely to do their tasks and guide them through. This way you can improve the revision up to the mark with a reasonable and positive approach. At the KS1 SATs level, children are younger, and therefore, you should know how to prepare for SATs in Year 2.

5- Stay Optimistic

Negative energy affects the learning process, and it is never advised by experts to blame or criticise the children during revision or any exam preparation. Therefore, you should talk to your child in a relaxed way to improve their revision constructively. You are there to encourage them, not to demotivate them. So, it is among one of the top revision strategies for SATs exam papers, whether for Year 2 or Year 6. Blaming does no good because children are not mature enough to understand and are more productive when heard.

6- Equip Them Well

There are some tools that your child will need apart from practice resources and worksheets. So, it is yet again your duty to provide them with practical help, including compasses, pens, highlighters and other stationery essentials. Why is it important? It helps in dealing with the last-minute pressure of getting prepared. Moreover, it makes children feel well prepared for the final exam day.

Adnan Khan Tutoring encourages its students to build productive learning habits and be prepared.

7- Include Reward or Treats

You can include regular rewards or treats to encourage your child to do well in SATs revision. So, once you announce a treat at the end of the tests, they will look forward to enjoying it. Moreover, you can ask them to decide what they would like to have as a reward for improving the revision of their SATs papers. Indeed, it motivates children to do as best as they can to prepare for their SATs in Year 2 and Year 6.

Furthermore, you will see your child thriving on doing as best as other children. Competition and rewards are something that could do the trick for you.

8- Provide them with A Good Start

You should make the start of the day cheerful and energetic for children. So, welcome them with a smile when they wake up and prepare a nice breakfast they would like. It refreshes their mood, and they will be looking forward to doing everything up to the mark. Therefore, we see education experts advising that starting the day with a positive mindset is important. So, you should be smiling and making your child feel more excited about their day. It impacts the SATs revision as they are already motivated and in a positive attitude.

9- Listen and Encourage Them

Knowing your child’s challenges will give you a clear idea of what areas they need to focus on while revising the SATs tests papers. Therefore, you should remain calm and positive to deal with challenges. Compassion can be a trick here. So, let your children know how you feel about them and how much you love them. Giving them respect will encourage them to improve their efforts. However, it is your duty not to pressurise them about the results. The support from the start to end in SATs revision should be taken seriously.

At Adnan Khan Tutoring, we regularly assess the child’s progress to see where they stand in revising the SATs lessons. Moreover, we keep parents updated to use their input in improving the revision process.

10- Have Fun With Your Child

Fun with learning is always a good deal. Therefore, you should laugh with your child to build a wholesome association. It will make things straight between you and your child if you have a troubling past. So, being mature, it is your responsibility to keep things explicit to achieve the academic goals you aim for.

We understand that SATs preparation is not fun and yet including fun activities from a learning perspective improves the SATs tests preparation.


With SATs 2022 coming closer, parents need a comprehensive guide to improve their child’s SATs preparation. The SATs in 2020 and 2021 were cancelled because of the pandemic, but the government has announced the 2022 SATs in May. Your child has to be well prepared for these SATs exams, and these tips will make things manageable for you. However, Adnan Khan Tutoring has an exceptional track record of helping children with SATs exams. Our SATs online tutoring covers all lessons, test papers and practice resources for children to pass Year 2 and Year 6 SATs.

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