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SATs Exams Preparation Tips

Top Trends and Tips For SATs Exams Preparation 2022

Preparing for SATs is crucial, and students must be fully equipped with exceptional skills to take these assessment tests. As we know, SATs primary school tests can be apprehensive for children and their parents. Therefore, we came up with top SATs exams preparation tips to help through this challenging phase.

Adnan Khan Tutoring has always supported students through SATs with experienced online SAT tutors. Moreover, we have prepared a detailed guide on SATs preparation 2022 for KS1 and KS2. Being a parent is a tough job when it comes to providing children with a quality education. However, we make it easy for them with such exam preparation tips. So, if you are seeking help on how to prepare for SATs, this blog will guide you with some practical tips suggested by education experts.

Why is SATs Exams Preparation Essential?

The primary purpose of KS1 and KS2 SATs is to give teachers a clear idea about the child’s academic progress they have made so far. Therefore, they are assessed at the end of Key Stages 1 and 2.

Following are the valuable tips on how to prepare your child for SATs.

Top 7 SATs Exams Preparation Tips for 2022

Students sit in their SATs exams in Years 2 and 6. So, they are tests on some important subjects including Reading, Spelling, Punctuation and grammar, Maths and Reasoning. Therefore, they need additional help and valuable tips to make their preparation process helpful.

1- Keep Things Organised 

It is considered the most important and integral part of SATs exams preparation. Success never comes so easy. However, you should have a proper plan to start helping your child with their SATs tests. So, parents should involve their children in establishing a suitable study routine as soon as they start SATs exams preparation. Children must feel included, and they will be more likely to listen to your advice.

At Adnan Khan Tutoring, we make this our top priority to plan out the SATs preparation from the beginning. We offer exclusive SATs online tuition for KS1 and KS2 in the UK.

2- Develop A Proper Study Plan

Without any plan, the preparation for SATs won’t be as helpful as you expect. Therefore, experts advise devising a proper plan when looking for help about preparing for SATs Year 2 and Year 6. KS2 SATs are more formal as compared to KS1 SATs. So, you need an ideal plan and effective tips for Year 6 students. However, Adnan Khan Tutoring devises a perfect study plan earlier in the SATs preparation.

You can design a wall planner to help children cross off the study sessions they complete. Moreover, some children work better with the updated spreadsheet showing progress.

When looking for SATs exams preparation tips, parents usually ask how long it takes to prepare for SATs. The right answer is that it depends on the child’s ability and learning habits. Some students are excellent at picking things quickly, and some need extra effort and more focus. Therefore, regular practice and revision can prepare children at an optimum pace. So, you should plan daily minutes to encourage your child to do some practice. You should add some relaxation time to keep the mind refreshed.

3- Keep Patience While Helping The Child

We understand how demanding it is for busy parents to take some time from their routine to help children through SATs exams. So, it stresses the whole preparation process and affects the learning. Therefore, we suggest you take some minutes to breathe and calm yourself before you start revising the SATs lessons with your child.

You should check out what our SATs online tuition offer. Watch the video.

If you keep your patience, your child will improve their learning process with confidence and do much better when they finally sit in the exams. So, you do not need to get annoyed or lose your calm when revising Year 6 SATs Practice Papers with your child.

Furthermore, the child needs a calm space to explore their skills and learn lessons more constructively.

4- Read Everything to Improve Reading

Reading is an integral part of SATs exams, especially at the KS2 SATs level. Therefore, your child needs to be very proficient at Reading. So, you should encourage them to read more and more. You can even find online reading resources to improve your child’s skills and performance in SATs exams. There are considerable online stories and exciting booklets to read. It is one of the most advised SATs exams preparation tips.

The child at the age of 11 may not be a big fan of bedtime stories. However, you can read together to improve your Reading. Additionally, it will also improve listening skills, which is very important. The KS2 Reading improves comprehension, so we suggest you ask questions when done with the Reading.

5- Promote Revision As More Fun

Revision of SATs lessons is important as it improves the preparation. Therefore, you should provide them with detailed online SATs practice tests. Ask your child to dedicate a regular KS1 and KS2 SATs revision time. The tip is to make it more fun for them. So, it will help them not lose the excitement of SATs preparation. They are more motivated when they enjoy the whole process. Therefore, you better make SATs preparation more engaging and comprehensive.

Adnan Khan Tutoring has prepared online SATs mock tests covering the entire syllabus and lessons, including all SATs papers. In our live SATs tutoring classes, tutors introduce short quizzes to revise the lessons. In fact, our students learn crucial topics while playing games proposed by our expert SATs teachers.

6- Use SATs Practice Papers

Solving past SATs practice papers also improves the child’s SATs preparation. It is therefore highly advised as one of the SATs exams preparation tips. Moreover, it helps them get a clear idea about the final SATs exam paper and the format they will solve.

Adnan Khan Tutoring has covered a range of SATs online English and Maths lessons with additional practice resources. Our experienced curriculum experts have developed online tests from past SATs papers and worksheets.

7- Reach Out For SATs Guidance

You may know a lot, but you never know more than an experienced SATs tutor. Therefore, you should reach out to SATs preparation tutors to take some guidance and improve your knowledge.

Adnan Khan Tutoring regularly conducts sessions to help parents who want to improve their child’s SATs exams preparation at home. Moreover, we help children practice Maths, Reading and extensive English punctuation, grammar and spelling lessons.


Students will take SATs exams in May 2022. Therefore, they should start preparing for their SATs by now. At Adnan Khan Tutoring, you will get the best SATs preparation resources for both KS1 and KS2 with experienced SATs online tutors.

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