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Private Tutors in High Wycombe

Yes! There is a Qualified Private Tutor for Adults in High Wycombe – Adnan Khan

High Wycombe is one of the finest towns in Buckinghamshire, England; it has a large bustling market and famous furniture industry. The chair making industry is the trademark of this town. The town also has some beautiful landscapes and natural parks. People here are lovely and kind. They love to celebrate cultural and national events throughout the year. Although the coronavirus has made the lives of people miserable, they are fighting this pandemic bravely. The economies collapsed throughout the world. Even the developed countries had to bear a significant loss. People have lost their jobs around the globe, and they are going through mental problems like depression and anxiety.

Where everything has been affected, education suffered a lot. The UK is under its second lockdown situation. Educational institutions are closed. Schools and Universities take online classes to control the damage, but it could not be better than regular classes.

  • High Wycombe has some of the best state and private schools. The quality of education is excellent in these schools.
  • People prefer their kids to get into state schools rather than private or independent schools because the state schools provide quality education with qualified teachers and better facilities than other schools. State-funded schools charge no fee.

In High Wycombe, the top grammar schools are Wycombe High School, The John Hampden Grammar School and The Royal Grammar School. These are state secondary schools, and they take 11 plus as an entrance exam from the students. The competition among the candidates is tough; students take it as a challenge to pass and get into their preferred schools. It is one of the main reasons that parents like to hire private tutors for adults to prepare these kinds of difficult exams.

English – The Compulsory Subject!

English is difficult and a compulsory subject. Most of the people hire private English tutors for kids. There are so many things that students find challenging to learn. The exams and entrance tests include a significant portion of the English subject. The main areas of English subject are spelling, vocabulary, paragraph building, reading, writing, extended writing and essays. People speak English across the United Kingdom, and they are compassionate about their language.

Why tutoring?

There are so many reasons why parents prefer to hire private English tutors for the kids. Here are some of the reasons:

  • The schools in the UK have a strength of more than 30 students in a classroom. So, the situation at the school is not ideal for teaching all students according to their levels. Students need tutoring so they can understand the topics in detail.
  • Moreover, teachers speed through the syllabus in the schools due to tight timeframes. Some students cannot understand the topics at such a fast pace. They need extra hours to cover these topics.
  • Also, the National Curriculum of the UK has changed recently, which made the subjects more challenging. Students struggle with new changes in the curriculum. In such a scenario, parents started tutoring the kids.

What are the tutoring options?

  • Online tutoring: It is the latest and widely used tutoring option. Online tutoring has become useful in recent years; it is easily accessible and affordable by the majority of the people. Online tutoring companies provide top quality content and online courses. Some online platforms offer you with online games which help the kids in learning. There are a few top tutoring companies in the UK which offer live classes with qualified tutors as well.
  • Tuition Centres: It is a formal tutoring option. Most of the people prefer tuition centres because they are well structured and work according to a proper system. They follow strict rules and hire qualified and experienced tutors. There are many top tuition centres in High Wycombe like Adnan Khan Tutoring, The Education Centre and The explore learning.
  • Private tutoring: Some people hire a private tutor for the kids. Although it is a costly option and most of the people cannot afford it; still some people prefer this option. A private tutor can come to the house, or the kids can go to the tutor’s home. A qualified tutor can help the kids through academics as they are purely dedicated. There are a few advantages to private tutoring due to which people prefer this option.

Private English Tutoring!

There are some well qualified and experienced English tutors in High Wycombe. Some top tutoring companies also provide private English tutors. Adnan Khan tutoring is one of those companies. It has many online courses for different years and exam preparation courses like 11 plus, GCSE and A levels. They have hired online tutors who take live classes according to a proper time table. These tutors are experienced and specialised in different subjects, primarily English, Maths and Science for GCSE and A levels. Adnan Khan tuition centres provide private English tutors for adults near you. It is one of the leading and advanced tutoring companies which offers live classes (one to and & group) on its online platform.

Why us?

  • We provide the people with a FREE TRIAL beforehand, so they can gauge the performance of the child and get a free feedback report.
  • We are offering a large number of online courses including English, Maths, Science, 11 plus, GCSE and A levels for different years.
  • We have online courses at affordable prices and currently offer a discount on different courses due to coronavirus as well.
  • We have live classes for different year groups. The company hired qualified online tutors.
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