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11 Plus Maths Tutors

Are you interested in Hiring the 11 Plus Maths Tutors in High Wycombe?

High Wycombe is one of the finest towns in Buckinghamshire, England. The town is well known for its natural landscapes and a chair making industry. If we talk about people, they are friendly and kind. The town also has a large bustling market. People enjoy cultural and religious events throughout the year. In education, High Wycombe has some best primary and secondary schools. 

The state secondary schools, also called grammar schools, take 11 plus as an entrance exam to year 7. This exam is one of the challenging exams that students take in their school life. It takes 2-3 years to prepare well for these exams. The competition to get into grammar school is pretty tough, and parents take it seriously. It’s not just any exam; it’s one of the toughest entry exams. Schools offer limited seats each year, and many students apply, but some don’t get enough marks to secure their places. There can be many reasons that include lack in 11 plus exams preparation, not taking an interest, or getting sick. 

The 11 plus syllabus includes 11 plus Maths courses, English and Verbal & Non-Verbal Reasoning. Each of them is challenging when preparing for 11 plus. It needs a lot of practice to prepare well for exams. The 11 plus Maths course is the difficult one, and it includes many complicated and important topics. Most people start helping their kids with 11 plus maths tutors a little earlier to get a hold on the subject. There are different options for preparing 11 plus exams, especially for 11 plus Maths. 

Why is 11 plus Maths course hard to prepare, and parents prefer tutoring?

Maths is the most challenging subject and also compulsory. Assessments or entry tests include Maths topics. The topics like fractions, trigonometry, algebra, Pythagoras, and decimals may see easy topics, but students get confused and struggle in understanding them. 

Whether the child is in a primary school studying in lower key stages or studying in secondary school, higher key stages or 11 plus Maths; the difficulties are pretty much the same. Many students struggle with Mathematics in their academic lives, and not all students have access to 11 plus Maths tutors. 

  • Most of the students struggle in Maths because they don’t ask for help. Maths only become easy when you practise more and more. In a critical exam like 11 plus, if the student has not practised enough, they might fail or secure low marks. 
  • There are some Maths terms that students fail to understand because teachers may not spend enough time on them because of a limited timeframe. So, vocabulary is also essential when preparing for a Maths subject. Students need to give extra hours to learn different Mathematical terms.
  • Class sizes play a vital role; if there are many students in a classroom, students may not understand the topics properly. 
  • A teacher cannot pay attention to each student, and all parents cannot help their kids at home. That is why students need 11 plus tuition for Maths to catch up with every Maths topic. 
  • Some students cannot prepare exams by practising exam questions. A qualified 11 plus Maths tutor can help your child prepare for final exams with a proper plan and practice 11 plus exam questions. 

How to Find an 11 plus Maths tutor and why tutor is important?

If you want to hire a professional 11 plus Maths tutor, make sure you hire the right tutor for your child. Parents should look for a better tutoring company that provides qualified tutors and can handle your child’s Maths problems. 

  • As online learning has become popular, it doesn’t matter where you live. All you need is an internet connection and pc or computer devices. 
  • You can hire online 11 plus Maths tutor near you as there are some sites which help parents finding the best online tutor nearby. Parents can read the reviews and hire the tutor easily by staying at home. 
  • A qualified Maths tutor makes a proper plan and gets your child on track. The experienced 11 plus Maths tutors assess the child’s strength and weakness before making a plan, then the tutor works on weak areas and helps students get to the mark. You can also ask for a trial to be sure about the tutor’s approach towards the final goal. 

Some people prefer private tutor so the child can have one to one 11 plus tuition for Maths, but some people want their kids to learn among others in a group. Since the online Maths tutoring is available, why not give it a chance? There are many online tutoring companies which offer quality online courses. 

The tutor you’re going to hire must be qualified and skilled in 11 plus preparation. Check the criminal background before you hire the tutor. Discuss in detail about the child’s needs at an early stage. Make a proper timetable and buy out some practice Maths books or worksheets. Provide everything that your child needs for 11 plus Maths preparation. 

Do you need an eleven plus tutor in Buckinghamshire?  

Buckinghamshire is a county of England with so many beautiful and amazing towns. Many tuition centres offer 11 plus Maths tuition, and if you want to hire 11 plus Maths tutor in Buckinghamshire, Adnan khan tutoring is the best option. We have a wide range of online 11 plus preparation courses and assessment or practise tests, providing the qualified and professional 11 plus Maths tutor in High Wycombe

You’ll get a free trial, so you can decide whether our online courses are suitable for your child or not. Customer’s satisfaction is more important as it motivates us to get better. 

If you want any help for your child in 11 Plus Maths, School Maths, SATS or GCSE Maths, send us a quick message on WhatsApp or email, and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

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