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Online Tuition Courses in London

Top Online Tuition Courses in London with Adnan Khan Tutoring!

Online tuition benefits your child and equips them with skills that could not be achievable through traditional tutoring options. The fact is, most parents prefer online tuition courses in London instead of opting for private tuition or tution centres.

Online tutoring in London has improved as many top online tutoring companies in the UK now offer quality services. Moreover, dire situations like the pandemics have made people think of alternative learning possible through online resources. Parents prefer online tuition for primary school children because they are young and need help with their subjects at the early stages of their academic careers.

Tuition centres in London may have the best teachers, but online tuition comes with advanced learning methods, with the ease of learning from home with no transportation costs. The children will solve online practice tests with various question types that we usually don’t see in conventional tuitions.

How do online courses excite students for learning?

The learning approach for online courses is quite different and more compelling for students to take an interest. Most online tutoring companies offer live classes that allow students to learn face-to-face lessons with online tutors in London. Parents need to know about the parameters that ensure the quality of online tuition.

  • At Adnan Khan Tutoring, we have a unique online learning platform with appealing online tuition courses in London covering primary and secondary school subjects. The exam preparation courses are also offered if you want to prepare your child for their assessments or entrance exams—nothing more attractive than having online lessons with high-quality graphics.

Children like having learning that comes with interesting questions that challenges their skills of problem-solving. At online tutoring platforms, past papers or practise worksheets are transformed into online quizzes comfortable for students to solve and get instant results.

Why is online tuition favourable for students?

Students need supplementary education as they do  not get to receive enough attention in schools. Moreover, tutoring in London has great significance because of stiff competition among students of different year groups. We know that parents prefer private tutoring and tuition centres to provide their children with full-fledged supplementary education. However, online tuition offers services of both; one-to-one tuition and group lessons. Online tuition not only favours students but their parents as well. Parents no longer have to take the time out of their busy schedules to take their children to tuition centers.

    • Convenient Tuition

Online tuition saves your travelling time if you live in a busy city like London and your child can learn from the comfort of the home. All you need is to provide them with internet and devices for connecting to the online platform.

    • Personalised Learning

Adnan Khan Tutoring has a perfect method of providing online tuition that includes personalised learning. It allows tutors to know the students’ learning requirements and develop a plan that keeps them on the success track.

    • Flexible Tutoring Hours

Unlike tuition centres, online tuition allows you to set your child’s tutoring hours with tutors convenient for both parties. This way, your child can have online lessons during suitable hours of the day.

What are the core online tuition courses in London covered at Adnan Khan Tutoring?

Adnan Khan Tutoring has comprehensive learning resources for all the year groups (year 1 to 11). Maths, Science, English, 11 Plus, SATs, and GCSE, we have got everything covered at each level of education. Online practice tests with live lessons and online assessments ensure that Adnan Khan Tutoring has excellent online tuition in London for your child.

Maths Tuition
If you are looking for online Maths tuition in London that covers all years and prepare your child for their Maths exams, you have come to the right place. The core Maths lessons your child will learn in online Maths tutoring are arithmetic, algebra, probability, fractions, statistics, geometry taught by qualified Maths tutors in London.

English Tuition
The basic English lessons in London tuition offered at Adnan Khan Tutoring are punctuation, grammar, spelling, vocabulary and advanced GCSE English curriculum. The online English tutoring covers all key stages from year 1 to 11, and you can get the best affordable deal for an English course in London. You can try a free trial for online English tuition in London.

Science Tuition
Whether you want one to one science tuition or group tuition for your child, tutors will ensure quality online science tutoring in London. Children would love to learn lessons with images to show the whole scientific process, laws and experiments. The science tuition covers high key stages 3 and 4 with lessons divided into Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

Key Stage 3 Tuition 
The key stage 3 includes years 7, 8 and 9, which are crucial for students to prepare for GCSEs. All lessons covered in KS3 English Tuition in London  are included in the curriculum of all three years. We prepare your child for their GCSEs with exclusive KS3 Maths Tuition in London. Tutors help students practise core lessons of science in KS3 Science Tuition in London.

GCSE Tuition
GCSE is an important qualification covering years 10 and 11. Adnan Khan Tutoring offers the tailored GCSE Maths Tuition in London that helps students develop core Maths skills to ace their final exams. At the same time, GCSE English Tuition in London has covered the complete GCSE curriculum. The lessons are divided into Physics, Chemistry and Biology for online GCSE Science Tuition in London.

11 Plus Exam Preparation
Grammar schools take 11 plus exams for year 7, and students need to be well prepared for these entrance exams. The 11 plus online tuition at Adnan Khan Tutoring offers a complete 11 plus syllabus following the exam boards. The online 11 plus Maths tuition and 11 plus English tuition with verbal and non-verbal reasoning are covered in the live sessions of 11+ juniors and seniors.

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