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11 Plus Exam Paper

How Online 11 Plus Exam Practice is Different from Regular Practising?

11 Plus Exams are essential for students to decide whether they get a place in their preferred grammar school to pursue secondary education. Parents tend to choose the best possible option for 11 Plus Exam papers in High Wycombe. Online tuition has revolutionised learning in the past few years. Still, many parents and teachers wonder if the online 11 plus practice is helpful for students compared to pencil and paper practice. There are many differences between these two practice systems. Most parents may prefer pencil and paper practice due to some obvious reasons. Getting the child enrolled with an online 11+ exam practice platform means the child can get easy access to online practice tests with a variety of 11 plus Exam questions—many online 11 plus tutoring platforms available in High Wycombe.

High Wycombe is a beautiful town in Buckinghamshire, England. It has some top quality grammar schools, including Wycombe Abbey School, The John Hampden Grammar School, and The Royal Grammar School. Parents prefer their children to prepare well for 11 plus exams and secure high marks to get into these top grammar schools. The competition has become pretty tough, and parents tend to provide them with every possible help to perform exceptionally in their final 11 plus exams. 

Many tutoring companies are dedicated only to 11 plus tuition. Most parents prefer private 11 plus tutors because they think the children can perform better when having dedicated or one-to-one tuition. Top tutoring companies also provide online 11 plus tuition along with other tuition services for different years. Adnan Khan Tutoring is one of the best online tutoring companies with more than 20 years in mainstream education, providing tuition services in High Wycombe since 2001. Our complete 11 plus tuition covers 11 plus Maths, English, Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning and offers exclusive online 11 plus practice papers in High Wycombe. 

How Online is 11 Plus Exam Paper Practice More Useful?

There are many reasons for choosing online 11 plus exam paper practices than conventional pen and paper practice. 

  • With an online 11 plus tutoring platform, students can access the online 11 plus test papers in High Wycombe and across the UK. Everything is connected through the internet, and they can access their online courses from anywhere at any time. Online tutoring platforms are ideal for practising online 11 plus practice papers even on holiday. You don’t need to take books with you on vacations. 
  • The online tutoring platforms use the latest technology to instantly check the online practice tests and give instant results and feedback on their performances. The feedback allows the child to improve their 11 plus exam preparation and chances of passing the exams. Some top tutoring companies email feedback and reports to parents or call them. 
  • We understand the saying, “Practice makes perfect,” but it is best to say that “Practice with known results makes perfect”. The relevant online feedback plays a vital role in 11 plus exam preparation. The online tutoring platforms keep the online content up to date with the latest changes in the syllabus. 
  • It requires a lot of time and effort by parents and the child for 11 plus preparation. The online tutoring platforms mark the 11 plus practice papers immediately. This quick online marking saves the parent’s trouble; otherwise, it can be very time consuming for parents. 
  • Some exclusive online tutoring sites allow the child to try out different answers. Repeat the same 11 plus questions, including 11+ verbal and non-verbal reasoning, practice the same test multiple times, and check the score immediately. 
  • Receiving excellent feedback on weak areas motivates the child, allowing them to improve their performance. 
  • Many of the online tutoring companies use computer-based tests based on multiple-choice questions. It encourages the child to work out the answer and “select and go” quickly to the next test question.
  • Some sites also offer online 11 plus mock exam papers for students to experience and practice Exam before appearing in the final 11 plus exams. 

Online tutoring is easily affordable than private tuition. It’s a convenient and helpful tutoring option for 11 plus exam preparation. The best practice is to use both practice techniques, online and pen & paper, for better results.

How Can you Get the Child Best online 11 Plus Practice Papers in High Wycombe?

Finding the best online learning resource could be challenging for parents, but there are some ways you can easily find the best fit for your child’s needs of 11 plus practice papers in High Wycombe. Many tuition centres offer their online tuition, especially during the pandemic. You can reach out to your nearest best tuition centres. Moreover, you can read the reviews on sites like google and Trustpilot. 

At Adnan Khan Tutoring, we offer a comprehensive range of online 11 plus practice tests for 11 plus Maths, English, Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning. You can sign up the child for online classes with our qualified 11 plus tutors. We offer a free trial of two weeks for our customer’s satisfaction without any signup obligation.

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