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11 Plus Verbal Reasoning Tutors

Practise Verbal Reasoning tests online with expert tutors in all areas of the UK.

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100%-success-rateOrganised 11 Plus Resources
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Tailored Online Verbal Reasoning
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11PLUS Tuition

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11 Plus Verbal Reasoning

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11 Plus Non-Verbal Reasoning

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11 Plus Verbal Reasoning Test Preparation

Our students receive comprehensive online verbal reasoning tuition, questions and sample papers. Moreover, we have expert tutors who know what is on the 11+ verbal reasoning exam and how to improve a child’s analytical skills.

100%-success-rateLive 11 plus one-to-one tutoring

100%-success-rateSupport from expert 11 Plus tutors

100%-success-rateGL and CEM Curriculum aligned lessons

Our Curriculum

What Do We Cover in Verbal Reasoning 11 Plus Practice Papers?

Problem Solving

100%-success-rateMental Maths

100%-success-rateComplete Sum

100%-success-rateQuick Arithmetic

100%-success-rateWord problems

Code Deciphering

100%-success-rateCode Sequencing


100%-success-rateNumber logic

100%-success-rateRelated Numbers


100%-success-rateWord Analogies



100%-success-rateWord Making

Literacy Skills

100%-success-rateDouble Meanings

100%-success-rateHidden Words

100%-success-rateMove A Letter

100%-success-rateCode Pairs

Practise Unlimited Verbal Reasoning Resources

Support From Experts

Unlimited Access
Students are given extensive 11 Plus verbal reasoning practice tests and worksheets online with unlimited access.

advanced learning

Live Tests Marking
Students take each verbal reasoning test or quiz with a real-time marking system with instant results.

Live Tuition Classes

11 Plus Exam Boards
Our online verbal reasoning tuition cover lessons mapped to the boards CEM and GL Assessments.

Our Testimonials

How do parents feel about our 11 Plus tuition?

Adnan Khan Tutoring provides the best verbal reasoning examples, worksheets, mock exams and resources developed by experts according to CEM and GL exam boards. Parents recommend us when they see their children getting promoted.

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