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Tips For Parents When Choosing The 11 Plus Tutors For The Child

Many parents prefer grammar schools in the UK. The eleven plus exams are also known as entrance exams, making a big difference for the child’s education. They can get into their preferred grammar schools after getting high marks in these exams. These schools provide exceptional secondary education and facilities to their students. Grammar schools charge no fee; most parents prefer them because they can’t afford expensive independent school fees. That is why parents tend to hire 11 plus tutors a little earlier to prepare the child for 11+ exams. 

So, We help you with Your Concerns Regarding 11 Plus Tutoring.

Don’t worry if you don’t know about the 11 plus tuition system; we’ve got you covered. As we advance, we will cover:

  • Why should you hire an 11 plus tutor?
  • What are 11+ tutoring options available in High Wycombe?
  • Why are online 11 plus tutors more demanding?
  • How can Adnan Khan Tutoring’s 11+ tutors help you?

Why Should You Hire an 11 Plus Tutor?

Some parents may think that 11 plus tuition is unnecessary or get confused to start helping them at the primary school level. Are you one of those parents who prefer to start 11 plus tuition at home? Are you wondering what’s the difference between a qualified teacher at school and the private or online 11 plus tutor, what special they offer? Let us help you with that; there are three core reasons why you should give a chance to 11 plus tutors

  • One of the main reasons is that eleven plus tutors are experienced, and they understand the exam content and how to carry out a perfect plan to prepare the child. Eleven plus tutors specialise in their respective areas, so they know exactly the child’s requirements or need to secure a grammar school place. An experience or mature 11 plus tutor ensures that students are well equipped when sitting in the final 11 plus exams. They know which topics and areas are of high priority and low priority. You can easily find eleven plus tutors who can focus specifically on Maths, English, Verbal or Non-Verbal Reasoning.  
  • A significant number of parents prefer 11 plus tutors for their children. The 11 plus exams are competitive, and the 11 plus tuition market is growing, increasing the demand for tutors. You should also hire 11 plus tutors to meet the new standard and make your child more competitive among other children. 
  • 11 plus tutoring also helps your child boost their confidence, which definitely makes a lot of difference. When your child is fully prepared, they will be more confident when they sit in the exams. 

What are 11+ Tutoring Options Available in High Wycombe?

High Wycombe is a town in Buckinghamshire, England. There is also a mass of 11 plus tutors in High Wycombe like the rest of the UK; how can you decide which tutor is right for your child? Moreover, there are many 11 plus tuition options are available. 

  • 11 plus tuition centres in which children are taught in groups. It is a conventional tutoring option that has been preferred by a large number of people in the UK. 
  • 11 plus home tuition or private tutoring in which a private tutor comes and carries out the 11 plus tutoring at home. It is an expensive option for all – hourly rates are much higher. 
  • 11 plus tuition online has also become a choice of many parents in the past few years. The recent global pandemic, coronavirus, has also made us realise the worth of online learning. Schools and colleges were shut down, and the only option was online learning. 
  • Many online learning sites are available that can help you hire the right 11 plus tutor for your child. These websites show the qualifications and reviews about the tutors to help parents decide. 

 Why are Online 11 Plus Tutors More Demanding?

 Online tutoring has become more practical in this fast world. You can learn everything from anywhere online. Online 11 plus tutors are demanding for some obvious reasons. They are affordable than private tutors. You can easily hire them through online websites and tutoring companies, which offer their online 11 plus tuition

  • It’s a more convenient option as it doesn’t include pick and drop. You only need to provide your child with the internet and supported devices. The child can access their online courses and learning resources at any time. 
  • Moreover, online tutors follow the new methods that prove useful, including online assessment tests, online 11 plus practice papers and quizzes. These tests determine the child’s progress, allowing 11 plus tutors to carry an effective 11 plus preparation plan for the child. 

 How Can Adnan Khan Tutoring 11+ Tutors help you?

 Our company offers a comprehensive range of online 11 plus courses, covering all the modules with qualified and expert online 11 plus tutors: our online 11 plus tuition covers, 11 plus Maths, English, Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning. We follow all the 11 plus exams paper formats, including CEM and GL assessment. 

We also offer a free trial of two weeks to experience our online services and decide for yourself. Adnan Khan Tutoring also provides one-to-one online tutoring and live group classes, categorised into 11+ juniors and seniors. 

 If you need any information regarding our online 11 plus tutoring, send us a message on the following WhatsApp number or email us.

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