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How Can Adnan khan Tutoring Prepare your Child with 11 Plus Tuition?

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Parents can have different 11 plus tutoring options to help the children with 11 plus entrance exams. This exam is one of the toughest exams in school. Secondary schools take this exam for admission to year 7. Grammar schools that are outstanding secondary schools take 11 plus exams from year 6 students in primary school. It needs a lot of practice and preparation to secure high marks in the 11 plus exams. Parents never compromise on a child’s better education and try to provide them with an excellent 11 plus Tuition.

Generally, schools follow the CEM and GL Assessments. They develop 11 plus exam papers maintaining the standard of checking the student’s skills and verbal abilities. The 11 plus exams test the child’s intelligence. Parents like their kids to perform exceptionally well in their final 11 plus exam. They don’t let their child appear in the 11 plus exam unprepared. Most parent’s start 11 plus preparation from year 4, and it takes 2-3 years to prepare well for 11 plus exams.

The 11 plus exam syllabus includes English, Maths, Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning. All these subjects need hard work and practise to ace the final 11 plus exam; the child cannot prepare each of them entirely by themselves. They need proper and exceptional 11 plus tutoring. As the competition is getting stiff and people want to prepare their child for the 11 plus exam, 11 plus tutoring has become a must. You can find different kinds of 11 plus Tuition, including 11 plus tuition centres, 11 plus tutors, and 11 plus online tuition. Parents choose an option that suits their children.

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Available Options for 11 plus Online Tuition

Tuition centre is a more conventional form of tutoring, and parents prefer it for some reasons. They provide 11 plus Tuition in a group, which boosts their confidence and enhances their communication skills. It is also helpful for healthy competition. Not all children can feel comfortable among other students; they feel insecure and shy. For such students, private 11 plus tutoring is the best option. Tutors help students with their 11 plus preparation. Qualified 11 plus tutors know how to cover the 11 plus syllabus with a proper plan and schedule. There are some sites which are solely dedicated to find and hire the qualified tutors in your area. Online 11 plus tutors are also available who take live 11 plus exam sessions, one-to-one and group lessons.

Many 11 plus tutors offer their services on hourly rates in the UK, but it is quite expensive. Average families cannot afford private tutors. Here comes online tutoring as a third and most advanced option. Many online tutoring companies offer 11 plus courses and practise papers to help students at an affordable price.

 11 Plus Tutor is Comparatively Affordable than other Options

It comes with many benefits, including affordability, accessibility, engaging content, and convenience. We have seen that during the pandemic, online learning has saved us. Schools and tutors take online classes.

It’s also more convenient for parents because they don’t have to pick & drop the child. Children get bored with more formal and dull practice papers. Whereas, online platforms provide engaging content with different interesting online learning games. Children enjoy learning online.

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11 Plus Tuition in High Wycombe!

High Wycombe is a bustling town with some best educational institutes in Buckinghamshire, England. Grammar schools of High Wycombe, including Wycombe High School, The John Hampden Grammar School and Royal grammar school take 11 plus exams. A significant number of students apply each year for grammar schools; the competition is pretty hard. The town has some best tuition centres and online tutoring companies, providing outstanding tutoring services for years.

Our company is the leading tutoring company in High Wycombe with an excellent online tutoring platform, providing advanced online 11 plus Tuition in High Wycombe. We hire qualified online 11 plus tutors in High Wycombe who take regular live classes of 11 plus juniors and seniors. Our online 11 plus practice papers and assessment tests cover every topic of 11 plus exam syllabus. We have various practice tests and quizzes for 11 plus English, Maths, Verbal and Non-Verbal, the company also offers the premium 11 plus vocabulary course and 11 plus mock exam papers online. Try out the free trial of two weeks before you sign up the child for our services. Our memberships or subscriptions come in monthly and yearly packages.

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