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11 plus Tution

What Options are Available for 11 Plus Tuition in High Wycombe!

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The 11 plus exam is one of the toughest and challenging exams that students take in their academic life. Grammar schools take this entrance exam to assess the child’s abilities and knowledge. Grammar schools are state secondary schools which provide better education and facilities than other schools in the UK. Parents eagerly want their children to perform well in these exams to get a place in grammar school. 

Just passing the exams cannot get the child a place; they have to secure high marks to compete well among other candidates. A significant number of students apply each year. Grammar schools have limited seats which also makes the competition stiff. Parents provide their children with the best possible 11 plus tutoring. Without 11 plus tuition, a child cannot pass the exams with high marks. It includes many challenging subjects including 11 plus Maths, English, 11+ verbal and non-verbal reasoning. A child needs 2-3 years to prepare for the final 11 plus exams. Some parents start preparing their children from year 4 through year 6. 

High Wycombe has some of the best grammar schools in the UK including John Hampden Grammar School, Wycombe High School and The Royal Grammar School. Many tuition centres offer 11 plus tuition in the town to prepare children for final exams. Adnan Khan Tutoring is one of High Wycombe’s best tutoring agencies, providing all tutoring options, including 11 plus in tuition centres, private 11 plus tutoring, and 11 plus online tuition. 

The 11 plus exam papers are generally developed by CEM and GL assessments. The exam papers also depend upon the area and the grammar school for which you’re applying. So, be careful and get all related information before you start preparing the child. 

Different Options for 11 plus Tuition!

Tuition centres are a more conventional and trusted tutoring option in the world. They follow the traditional way, and it gives a touch of classroom learning. Children learn in groups by qualified teachers. Parents prefer tuition centres for 11 plus tuition in high wycombe because it helps children with communication skills and boosting their confidence. Some tuition centres are only dedicated to 11 plus tuition, allowing students to enhance their verbal and analytical skills. 

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11 Plus Tuition are also available to help your child with 11 plus exam preparation. Private tutoring is expensive, and most parents fail to provide their children with private 11 plus tutors. Parents hire a personal tutor to prepare their children for 11 plus exams. One to one private tutoring is also useful for students who lack confidence, the children who feel embarrassed in asking questions among other students. In High Wycombe, qualified and experienced 11 plus private tutors are available. 

11 plus online tutoring is an advanced option, providing all 11 plus preparation resources online. We have seen parents prefer online tutoring in the past few years. It’s a more convenient and affordable option for 11 plus tuition; your child can prepare 11 plus exams at home with online tutors and 11 plus online resources. Many online sites only provide 11 plus tuition, including 11 plus mock exam papers, 11 plus exam practice papers and 11 plus verbal and non-verbal reasoning test papers. 

What do we Offer in our Online 11 Plus Tuition?

Our online 11 plus tuition covers all year groups categorised into 11 plus juniors and senior courses. We hire outstanding and professional online tutors who take live classes. In our 11 plus English tuition, we offer lessons based on comprehension exercises, sentence completion, punctuation and spelling tests. We also offer a wide range of 11 plus online practice tests, covering the complete 11 plus Maths syllabus. 11 plus verbal and non-verbal reasoning tests are also included in our online 11 plus tuition. Our company also provides 11 plus mock exam tests and 11 plus vocabulary. Adnan Khan Tutoring provides children with all tools needed to perform exceptionally in the final 11 plus exams. Our online 11 plus tutors also assign homework to students at the end of the live class, based on our online 11 plus practice tests. 

With us!

  • A free trial of two weeks so you can experience our services with no obligation to sign up after that. We also offer a free assessment.
  • One-to-one and group live classes. 
  • An affordable pricing structure and feasible memberships. 
  • Regular feedback reports to parents and best customer services. 
  • Customised plan, according to the child’s learning needs. 
  • Supportive environment.

If you want to know more about our online 11 plus tuition, send us a message on the WhatsApp number shown below, and one of our staff members will get back to you. 

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